Few Previews of the Aerosoft A321 Professional

A321 07082018 003.png.bdeff978b750739bf1fa1ac0a882f312

With the release of the A318/319 Professional from Aerosoft, attention has started to turn to others in the family. This includes the longest variety of the aircraft type: the A321. Modeller Stefan released a few new previews of the A321 Professional on the Aerosoft forums, which showcase the new satdome.

In regards to release dates for the A320/321 Professional package, no exact date was given, but in the first post of the topic, it was mentioned that “very late August or very early September is manageable”.

Don’t forget, the A318/319 Professional is available and was recently updated.

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… and here we go again! Previews and more previews ad infinitum ad nausea …

Aerosoft A321 Previewsional.

Bravo Delaysoft, another delay…

Not a happy camper

So, next January at the earliest.

Can we open the second door this time?



I’m still so skeptical about the correctness of the geometry of the virtual cockpit, especially the windshield which looks far larger in area than the counterpart in a real airbus. FSLabs made it right. I checked both in flat screen and VR mode. The appearance of the external model of the Aerosoft version does look better but the VC ruins it, let alone the physics of aerodynamics, etc.

All I can say is just…. lol

FSL is 100% fubared on the 3d modelling. aersoft is 100% correct and scaled down from the actual cockpit. they measured everything in real life.

I know you are full of it when you are trying to bash the one thing the AS airbus series always had right. So staph pls

Are you a real life bus pilot?

very late August (2020) or very early September (2021) is manageable…

Fixed it

Wow…..looks exactly like the last A321 aerosoft released!

Oh you mean the original A321 grow a new pair of wings in the meantime? I must have missed it.

Why Aerosoft, why do you do this to yourselves?????!! DON’T talk about release dates! You’ll only end up not achieving them and give fuel to all those comments about your project management skills! 🙄

I rather them just give a few days or a week notice when it’s getting released still too early to announce this I think.

I keep asking myself why all the time but didn’t find the answer or logical explanation so far.

Jorge Loureiro

And here i am, waiting for the A330 cause blackbox isn’t an alternative

And I want a 340 🙁

how could you not like Blackbox? Its a scam of freeware genius!

Not a happy camper

I hope you like the A330-300 with RR engines, because according to Aerosoft there’s no other engine options.

One of these days, the sooner the better! 🙂