Even More Previews of Aerosoft CRJ for MSFS

Aerosoft Crj For Msfs (6)

The Aerosoft CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to be previewed on the Aerosoft forums. Once again, Mathijs Kok has shared a few new previews of the plane in action focusing on “the amazing work Stefan is doing on the modeling.”

The forum post contained various images of the aircraft, along with some commentary on what this means for the development of the plane. It was mentioned that the door animation is working and can be done via the built-in EFB. The handrails can also be down or up (as shown) depending on your parking situation.


The other detail Mathijs wanted to share was that of the texturing on the fuselage when viewing the plane up close. The left image shows how the details look from afar, whilst the right image is a zoomed in part of the same location. The 10cm x 3cm fastener is legiable thanks to the decals technology.

Alongside those screenshots from Mathijs, a range from Hans Hartmann were also shared depicting the FMS and various other external shots during different weather conditions.


Now that we know the base model will cost €42.00 (plus any local VAT), and that the aircraft will soon be in beta testing, we expect things to continue moving at a rapid pace to release. It was indicated on the forums that a release in 2020 is still possible, the team at Aerosoft are still awiting on some progress from Asobo / Microsoft on a few bits before they can roll the aircraft out of the hangar and into your simultors.

As always, stay tuned to FSElite to keep an eye on progress.

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