Drzewiecki Design Previews Chicago City / Airports Renders

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Drzewiecki Design recently showed early renders of various objects from their upcoming Chicago City and Chicago Airports sceneries, in a post on their facebook page.

The screenshots given show a variety of textured buildings around the city and some untextured models for the airport.

Drzewiecki Design hasn’t announced a price or release date, yet, but we will keep you updated with the latest news from this much-loved developer.

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The author Matthew

Matthew is from the U.K. and has just finished his last year in college, studying mathematics, chemistry and physics. An avid plane spotter, he often visits Manchester Airport to get as many images and he can muster, as well as spending time at his local aerodrome (Manchester Barton). Being an aviation enthusiast, and hopeful future RAF officer, Matthew has been a part of the flight simming community for 7+ years.

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It would be hard to top FSDT’s upcoming O’Hare scenery.

Damn I should have read before posting.

“This FSDT O’Hare is on its way to set a new standard in airport scenery design and become an “indispensable addition to any serious collector library”.

That’s my way of fanboying a little, although I mean to fanboy the technology advances in Flight simulation and not FSDT in particular.

Jason, fanboy away :).

I think I am becoming more than just a simmer. More like a collector of FS addons. And this FSDT is set to become to set a new standard and “indispensable in any serious collector’s library”. 😛

@Matthew Yes, we will have 3 products covering Chicago.

Not sure how you could have missed the upcoming FSDT O’Hare v2 –

It’s going to have unique features such as ‘Working Information panels’ at gates, ‘Multiple UV Channels’ for extra detailing and ‘DirectX 11 C++ rendering’. If performance is as good as promised, it’s not only going to be the best airport scenery release of the year, it’s going to set the new benchmark. (Yes, I’m fanboying this).


If FSDT is making an O’Hare scenery, then that’s 3 currently in development that I know of…

Anyway, I think DD’s product might be more appealing to some as it’s titled with ‘Airports’ and DD usually does about 3-5 airp[orts in the same package.

I will take DD’s KORD any day over FSDT KORD…. no addon manager BS…

Most people run the addon manager anyway for GSX so having it for an airport or any other type of addon is not that big of a deal..

FSDT won’t bring us the entire city. In fact if they keep bringing us the city packages throughout the US I won’t need to purchase the Orbx upcoming buildings HD.