DC Designs Previews Farnborough Airport (EGLF)

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Developer DC Designs has taken to their Facebook page to share previews with the community of their work-in-progress Farnborough scenery. In the post they wanted to mention that after a long delay, the scenery is firmly back in production.

Furthermore, DC Designs mentions that the airport is being re-built with new tools to bring it into line with modern scenery and the anticipated Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer also points out that the assets such as vehicles, local landmark buildings and other assorted goodies are also being constructed and the field will be covered with 30cm resolution aerial-imagery.

Lastly, they mention in the post that a target launch is for late summer if everything heads well in the development process. The developer mentions that if all goes well with the UK/EU scenery series, their next project could be located in the US. While there is no current feature list or information on the scenery, you check out more of what DC Designs has to offer over on their Facebook page where they share weekly updates on their projects.


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