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David Rosenfeld has yet again shared more previews of his upcoming scenery for Ben Gurion (Tel Aviv) Airport. The previews showcase an airport in a seemingly nearly finished state. There are lot of details to find find throughout the scenery previews. Most notable are the airport gates and parking places, which are rather occupied with presumably AI aircraft. Another thing that really stands out in the previews is the apron clutter. You can see vehicles, such as baggage carts and tractors, pushback tugs, catering vehicles, follow me vehicles, stairs, busses and others, parked everywhere on the apron. The parking lot of the airport also seems rather busy, filled with regular passenger vehicles.

David has been showing off the airport for a few years now, going all the way back to November 2015, when it was still being developed in cooperation with Aerosoft. David Rosenfeld announced to be working on Tel Aviv independently back in June of 2017. Despite the long lead time of the project, David urges people not to lose hope, and assures he is working hard on the project.

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