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David Rosenfeld Previews LLBG Dynamic Lighting


David Rosenfeld has teased a few more screenshots.

David has been working and teasing us for a few months now with what looks like a high quality Tel Aviv (LLBG) airport for P3Dv4. This recent post he made, displayed the airports dynamic lighting and what it will look like in the finished product. Tel Aviv is the major airport of Israel serving over 20 million passengers in 2017 alone. So with a passenger count that large, you can expect to expand your own in game destinations from several airports.

David Rosenfeld has not set a release date, but has stated in a previous post, that he hopes for a mid 2019 release, but if you wish to follow the development, you can find it at David Rosenfeld’s Facebook page. From there, you can give feedback on the project and get updates as they become available.

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