Coolsky Announces P3D Compatibility For Super80/DC9

Coolsky Dc9 Super80 Pro P3d Update

In a recent post on their website, Coolsky announced the port of the Super 80 Classic, Super 80 Pro and DC-9 Classic products to Prepar3D V4.

The developers have said that they have spent the last few months beta testing the DC-9 Classic and the Super 80 Pro, with the Super 80 Classic to enter the testing phase in the near future. The P3Dv4 versions of the aircraft will not have any major new features compared to the FSX versions, with the main focus being on making sure the aircraft will work in P3Dv4. The only difference is that the DC-9 Classic flight centre will be included in all aircraft.

Coolsky has stated that the P3D versions of the products will be a separate purchase from the FSX versions, with pricing and discounts for existing customers yet to be decided. No release date has been announced but Coolsky has said that users can expect release ‘soon’…

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