Carenado Previews Short 360

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In a recent post on their facebook page, Carenado treated us to more preview screenshots of their upcoming Short 360 aircraft for FSX/P3D.

The aircraft was made by the British Manufacturer ‘Short Brothers’ in the 1980s and saw 165 models built, with 6 models of the S360 available.

The previews come after 7 months of silence about the project after it was first announced at the start of the year, and progress looks to be coming along nicely from the Carenado team. No price or release date has been given just yet, but we will keep you posted.

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Matthew McColl

The author Matthew McColl

Matthew is from the U.K. and has just finished his last year in college, studying mathematics, chemistry and physics. An avid plane spotter, he often visits Manchester Airport to take as many photographs and he can muster, as well as spending time at his local aerodrome (Manchester Barton). Being an aviation enthusiast, Matthew has been a part of the flight simming community for 7+ years.

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YAY.. another default ctrl+e plane from carenado!

Quality over quantity any day of the year

Maxkillers “Maxkillers Gaming”

Hmm… release that private jet you guys announced already…

The falcon?

I’ve seen bathtubs with better aerodynamic design! The 360 would give the Short Skyvan and the ATL-98 Carvair a run for their money in an ugly airliner competition.

With such a limited number in current use, I don’t know who the target market is. And I don’t know why would anyone pay to look at something so hideous? It’s like deliberately choosing an unattractive spouse.

lol Jason, yes I might be. One of my favourite aircrafts is actually called the flying Boxcar (Aeroplane Heaven, a “bizarro carenado” company, is making that one, fortunately). Cheers

Andrew Thompson

“seen better bathtubs with better aerodynamic design…” Quite the contrary, the Shorts 360’s fuselage although not a good looker I agree, is engineered to be aerodynamic. With having such a small width wing, the fuselage was designed to provide up to 30% of the aircrafts lift.

Honestly, I like it a lot Jason. I have a penchant for boxy, ‘off’ designs. Though I definitely won’t describe it as ‘beautiful’ either. So to each their own!! That said, I’m clearly not the target audience as this thing is not being flown anywhere near my area of interest…

@Alex So *you* are their target audience?

Too many beautiful people / beautiful things in your life, so decided to balance it out by going for the Shed a.k.a. the Box that the Skyvan came in? 😉

John Moore

It’s a pretty ugly plane irl too, there’s one parked on the ramp at my local field and it looks like someone took a boxcar, slapped wings and engines on it and called it a day. Heard it’s pretty,,interesting to fly as well.

I actually have hopes that the ugly Skyvan is on their to do list.

Not a happy camper

It looks nice…and, that’s about it. However, even though Carenado is pretty bad, there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that this flying refrigerator box will be touched by anyone else. I’ll give them credit for making something different. Slap one of the F1 GPS units in there, and it will be passable.

worlds ugliest prop actually looks juicy. look at that cabin!

and who cares its ctrl+e.

carenado is in the market of quickly turning over models. like captain sim did back in the day. since carenado/alabeo are basically doing simple 50/60/70s GA props there isn’t much of systems anyway. those who want pedantic have A2A but at their pace your great great great great grandchildren will be dead before they develop enough models to match carenados stable.

I admit i whish Carenado would aim higher. But I also admit that exploring FSDG’s Seychelles scenery in this model looks like a great idea.

It looks fantastic……but I have a feeling that looks can be deceiving! Such a shame too because Carenado is sooooo good at visuals!