AOA Announces Preliminary Feature List For F-35Bv2

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AOA Simulations, X-Plane military aircraft developer, has taken to their Facebook page this week to announce a preliminary feature list of the upcoming F-35B v2 and showcase screenshots of the update. The developer mentions in their post that the more work that goes in the upcoming aircraft, the more new ideas come to mind.

The F-35B v2 will not just be a remastering of the current 3D model and textures, but also many new features that not present in the original model have been added. AOA Simulations also mentions in their post that many changes can happen to the aircraft and its status before the release, which will also be free for current customers. It was also mentioned in the post that the aircraft will receive the following liveries:

  •   BF-01 Prototype
  •  IT Gruppo Aerei Imbarcati Wolves
  •  UK Royal Navy Doom 21
  •  USAF 461st Flight Test Squadron
  •  USMC VMFA-121 Green Knights
  •  USMC VMFA-122 Flying Leathernecks
  •  USMC VMFA-211 Wake Island Avengers
  • USMC VMFAT-501 Warlords
  • USN VX-23 Air Test and Evaluation Squadron

The developer also took this time to publish a “non-exhaustive” feature list, of potential changes that the aircraft could receive:

  •  Up to 9 4K remastered liveries based on real-world aircrafts
  •  New enhanced PBR effects
  •  New particles system
  •  New 3D cockpit with customizable touchscreen PCD (up to 20 pages combinations)
  •  Plugable air intake covers added with customizable logo
  • Towed Radar Decoy added
  •  New interactive checklist (inspired by our recent T-7A Red Hawk)
  •  Enhanced Helmet Mounted Display System (bigger fonts, new symbology)
  • Enhanced target and carrier-lock system
  • New animated A2G weapons: JSM, Paveways, SBD II
  • More details add to landing gear
  • Customized views on numeric keypad
  •  New User Guide

To check out more AOA Simulations, visit their Facebook page.

If you would like to get your hands on the F-35B Lightning II v1, it is currently available at the store for $32.00 USD.


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