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Aerosoft Releases Additional Previews of Köln/Bonn for X-Plane

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Over on the Aerosoft forum, developer Jo Erlend has released more previews of the Köln/Bonn development for X-Plane.

In Addition to initial previews of the airport (found here), these new shots showcase animated jetbridges, marshallers and gate guidance systems. These systems work through the SAM plugin used by Aerosoft in previous releases such as Manchester for X-Plane.

Further to the previews, there have also been comments by Jo that there will be support for World Traffic 3 with ground routes. When questioned about a discounted price for those that have purchased the product for P3D, Jo responded saying that they are yet to decide pricing.

There have been no comments regarding the release date of the airport as of yet.

For an insight to the P3D version of this release, You can read the FSElite review written by Sy Williams, here.

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Jordan Williams

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