Aerosoft Continue to Preview A330 Professional

Aerosoft A330 Professional Previews FSElite 6

While it may seem like Aerosoft are previewing the A330 Professional every week, most of the previews thus far have been relatively the same; the external model, usually focusing on the fuselage, gear, or engines. Today, finally, we have some variety in the previews (if cargo bays are your thing).

Nothing else was provided, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more about the A330 Professional as it progresses.

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Every single preview is just the exact same Dragonair livery in their modelling software… Are they joking with us? When can we see some in sim VC shots/different liveries. These previews are the exact same thing they showed us 3 years ago……..

If they had no livery at all, there would be complaints that the plane looks unrealistic/dull/like a piece of shit… you name it. Let‘s simply sum it up as: Whatever Aerosoft does, it will be wrong for you guys. That spares us a lot of discussion.


I never said they needed multiple liveries, I was answering with my opinion to the guys question… And I’ll complain where I see fit. According to Aeroshit this was to be finished in 2016 (if memory serves correctly) so yes they should have other liveries finished by now, and should be showcasing them… If the excuse is the plane needs to be mostly white, why not just use an all white paint kit to preview… calling BS on that one.

There is also a brief video showing the VC taxiing to the active

@JP: For what exactly do you need multiple or up-to-date liveries in an still unreleased product? Just asking. If they spent their time on liveries now instead of other parts of the aircraft, you would probably complain as well.

I believe Stefan once explained that the old Dragonair livery is helpful because it’s mostly white and you don’t have to spend a lot of effort in order to test an already textured plane.

Furthermore, if you are interested in VC shots, Aerosoft provided many of them in their older A330 preview threads. I believe that the VC was already completed (at least texture-wise) before they started developing the A320 Professional family.

Because if I had to guess, they don’t have any other liveries… After 3 years they are just showing pictures of the cargo door/landing gear, and a livery that doesn’t exist anymore says they have not been working on this at all, and there is no VC to see…

It seems the Flight Sim community nowadays can’t be satisfied. Here in Austria we would call such things “moaning at the highest level” (Jammern auf höchstem Niveau). Kinda gives devs like PMDG and others right for not posting regular progress reports and everyone impatiently whining about some update. I would bet half my salary that the same that are ranting about Aerosoft’s seemingly “no progress” updates are the same that will rant about PMDG not uttering a single word for months about where they stand with their projects. Not here to defend Aerosoft or criticize PMDG. Just a neutral observation of how childish and hypocritical the virtual flight community can be. I will bet another quarter of my salary that most that shout out “Yeah, like we need cargo bays” are the first that will point out the cockpit door of the exterior model is 5 inches off.

“moaning at the highest level”

I love hearing moans at the highest level…

Austrians speak German? WOW WHAT A BOMBSHELL!!!

Maxkillers “Maxkillers Gaming”

All these moaner’s, where’s my wing flex preview!? Sick off em… it’s a preview let it be

So looking forward to this aircraft but I’m starting to fear that by the time they make this bird ready for a release or on the course of being released, we might have P3D v5 with some technical changes that could further delay this bird from compatibility’s point of view like it happened with the smaller buses: having to start over. Not the 64 bit compatibility etc but something that makes an impact, something that impacts for V5 being quite different from the V4. Just hoping that they don’t have to rewrite the codes etc.

I haven’t seen so many people upset about cargo doors since DC-10s were still flying.

Aleksander Baustad

Gonna be nice with a Airbus longhauler in the sim. 🙂

Well it looks almost the same for the other previews but again pretty impressive I remember when they made an unfinished Virgin Atlantic livery

too much deja vu.

PLOT TWIST: The Aerosoft’s A330 flight deck is right there in the cargo bays

Just to give people realistic expectations, I doubt very much we’ll be able to have the A330 anytime soon,

to quote mathijis’s post from the 17th of Sep.

“All in all I simply have no idea when the A330 will be ready. It’s not in the next few months for sure. You can start asking when we are at Service Pack 1 level for the current busses!”

Quite possibly most operators will be switching to the A350 by the time we ever get this one.

Perhaps this news website’s comments section whenever an aerosoft post is published is argument enough to rename to Always the same complaints about the same pics of an aircraft that is being gradually textured. If these are the same pics of 3 years ago, prove it.

WOOOOW loook at that cargo bay.

Get real aerolost.

And cargo bays are my thing, since hauling cargo is my fav sim ops. These previews show the gradual texturing of the 330 model. I would like anyone to try to find previews of textured cargo bays from 3 years ago. For those tired of seeing the same livery – this is the working model. Stephan is not working on the repaints. No go back to whining.

Cargo bays are your thing??? Ahhhh what?

Must be thrilling life for you.

You don’t care about every little detailing progress. Still you clicked on the news article about it.

Ok sorry for offending your cargo bays I apologise I didn’t know they mean so much to you. Sorry cargo bay. But yeah get real and understand that there are no need to let us know everytime a new section is painted. That’s not what we are here for, as customers or potential customers we are more prone to be excited for major progress shots… not the same thing over many years.

Is it really your goal as a news site to report on EVERY pic aerosoft is posting a preview pic? I mean I get it if there is a FlyTampa preview pic every few months… but this is kind of a daily/weekly thing… do you consider that news?

Since I am not visiting the development forum, I appreciate seeing these friday updates here, where I come everyday.

Calum Martin

We report on news and this was considered news. Other media outlets have also reported this. We don’t want to dictate what is news and what isn’t and let the community choose to click on the link and view more. There been plenty of times where we haven’t posted the shots they previewed but these ones were actually a bit different to ones we’ve seen in the past.

Absolutely if our community would rather we not posts then I’m happy to listen.

I am blaming Aerosoft wherever I can as I think their communication is very bad and I really don’t like them. But I can just choose not to go on their forum and then I don’t have to see the same pics over and over again. But I really don’t think FSElite should give them this platform. Who wants to see the same pics every 3 days can visit the forum and here they could report on big milestones… that would seem kind of logic to me.

Tho I do agree it’s boring to see new pics every weeks/few weeks with not much to show, It became unfortunately kinda trendy to make some noise in this way to show there is something in workshop.
However, FSElite or any other news outlet should be the last to blame for it.

Not a happy camper

Why you gonna blame FSElite for reporting on it and not Aerosoft for posting the same pictures over for months on end?

Place your bets on release date: I predict 2020

I am flying the AS Bus and so far it has worked fine for me, who doesn’t care about independent displays and shared cockpit. And I am still being passive agressive ;). Cheers (it’s hard to communicate in these forums without sounding harsh, but some of the comments here are frustrating. )

Well, quoting Mr. Kok ” All in all I simply have no idea when the A330 will be ready. It’s not in the next few months for sure. You can start asking when we are at Service Pack 1 level for the current busses! “

I predict 1st quarter 2019

Not a happy camper

@Alex usually, you either have a choice between taking time to get things right or rushing a release and ending up with a buggy product. Aerosoft somehow manages to take forever and still end up with a buggy mess. Your attempt at being passive aggressive failed here mate.

Wrong. Probably late 2018 or early 2019, so that you and everyone else can complain about how unfinished and buggy it will be. You don’t want your fun spoiled, do you?

maybe release before i’m dead?

How bout you work on your cockpit instead of the interior of the cargo hold? Forgot that was where we spent all of are time in the sim