Aerosoft Airbus Series – December Previews – 2D Pop-Up Displays Confirmed


As per our previous posts, we’ve consolidated any new information we could find about the Aerosoft Airbus family into a single post for the month. We know we shared the A330 video the other day, but felt that was certainly worthy of a post of its own! Of course, there’s been a few other snippets of information that has been released. Let us take a brief look.

2D Pop-Up displays confirmed! Despite many comments from Aerosoft saying they were redundant in the flight sim world due to their view system, multiple customers were desperate to get their fix of 2D Pop-Up displays. At long last, Aerosoft have given in and will be shipping their new Airbus series with said pop-ups. As you can see from the shot below, it works well already. Side note: It’s been acknowledged that the scale of the PFD needs fixing up – it is in beta after all.

Finally, the other piece of news is that Mathijs has successfully completed his first real test of the brand new Connected Flight Deck feature. He wanted to stress just how easy this new system is now that they’ve moved away from a peer-to-peer system. Along with his experience, he shared a snippet into the user interface which we’ve shared  below.

He said that there’s still some work to do on it, but the promises are excellent at this point and will add lots of possibilities in the future. Furthermore this technology is modular meaning other developers may be able to use it in the future.

If there are any further development posts this month, we’ll update this one.

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