Update: 29 Sept ’17 – Aerosoft Airbus 2018 Edition Previews – September 2017

Aerosoft A320 P3dv4 01

Update: New screenshots added.

We’ve decided that we’ll be doing a monthly preview post for any updates Aerosoft share regarding their Airbus 2018 Edition. So whether that’s from the A320 family or the hotly anticipated A330, we’ll cover any updates in this single post for the month. When a new update is out, we’ll update the post and re-share it so you don’t miss it!

29th September 2017 Update

A quick update showcasing the new modelling from within the sim. Of course, all WIP.

22nd September 2017 Update

A ‘small’ update from Stefan shows work continues on the virtual cockpit modelling of the A318-A321 series of aircraft. He’s mostly been working on the shading elements, and will add the smaller details soon.  He says that next week, the team will bring back the system functionality and include new, higher resolution displays. You can see all 9 preview shots below.

Currently the Aerosoft Airbus 2018 Edition (A318 – A320, A330) is still TBD on the P3DV4 compatibility list for a release.



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So many people here have no idea what they are talking about.

It’s almost like I could start up v3 and take all these same shots…

.. oh wait

I’m just scratching my head wondering why is Aerosoft so anti wing flex… CRJ as well no moving wings in turbulent conditions etc…. I mean are we not in 2017?

And again the same cockpit, the same textures, 90% the same system functions. Simple reconversion to P3D V4 and charging customers for the same thing. How is that possible that PMDG update for free, Majestic and FSLabs soon will do the same? Even more, they add functions and expand their products. Shame.

i swear i can draw better

The one thing Aerosoft had going for it vs the fslabs was better cockpit textures. But with v4 version I think the FSLabs now looks better.

Here we ago again. People are so misinformed about FSL A320. It’s way more accurate than the aerosoft version. Aerosoft is about at 60% and FSL is closer to 95%

A monthly update until the release? That means, doing the math, something like more then 50 updates, omg 😲

no they havent. theirs is blurry and dated. and it isnt sterile. this is missing all the overlays. this is just the base model in the cad program. in sim shots from months ago you should check out before making sterile claims

While this is certainly very high quality stuff I think its a little bit too “sterile” – FSLabs’ have done a better job at creating a “realistic” flight deck.

I completely agree with you. Maybe some small wear & tear wouldn’t be a bad idea.