Aeroplane Heaven Releases Previews of Upcoming He-111

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Aeroplane Heaven has been working on the Heinkel He-111-P2 medium bomber for some time. The project is nearing its release date but the developer thought we deserved some more in-sim previews via their Facebook page.

The Heinkel He-111 is a World War II medium bomber that was the most produced bomber in operation with the Luftwaffe. Aeroplane Heaven has modelled the P2 variant which is a rather early build compared to the numerous later variants produced until 1944.

Aeroplane Heaven has commented that there will be three purchase options for the He-111. The first option is for those that use FSX or P3D V1-3. The second is for P3D V4 onwards, this option will include support for the aircraft in future updates to P3D.  These two options will have the same price. For those that use FSX, P3Dv3 and V4.4+ simultaneously, or users that will be upgrading their simulator from V3 or below in the future will be able to purchase a special bundle price that includes both previous options.

All versions will be finished with high definition textures but only V4.4+ will have PBR materials and special effects.

With just final touches being made to the PBR rendering and to some added special effects, the He-111 will be ready for release. At this moment in time, we don’t have any release dates but comments do suggest this will be imminent. There have been no mentions of specific pricing currently.


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