Aeroplane Heaven Previews DC-3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Aeroplane Heaven Dc 3 (6)

Aeroplane Heaven has taken to Facebook a few times this week to showcase some new previews of the DC-3 for Microsoft Flight Simulator in action. The new previews come from some flight testing that the developer has been doing with the model in the new simulator. The first set of previews focus on external modelling, with the second set focused on the virtual cockpit.

As you can see from the external modelling, Aeroplane Heaven has used an extensive amount of PBR material on the metallic skin so that the light bounces off the model realistically. There also is huge amounts of detail throughout including wear and tear, grime, dirt and other environmental effects to give the aircraft a historic look.

The virtual cockpit has also been previewed. The previews highlight the intricate cockpit which is full of switches, gauges, and levers all used to operate the classic aircraft. Again, there is a large number of scratches and effects within the cockpit to show the age of the plane.

According to the email sent to us from Aeroplane Heaven, the package will include a range of liveries for both the cargo and passenger versions of the plane. Currently, the team is debating whether to bring the C-47 to the simulator as well, but that will depend on demand.

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