Aeroplane Heaven Previews C-47/DC-3 Exterior Lighting

Aeroplane Heaven Dc3 Light Preview Fselite (3)

In a Facebook post, Aeroplane Heaven has dropped some preview shots of their in-development C-37/DC-3 add-on coming soon to Prepar3D.

In the shots below, straight from Prepar3D v4.5, the developer is showcasing various lights such as the wing inspection lights, formation lights, passing light, landing lights, recognition lights and position lights.

Here’s the known features list from our previous article on Aeroplane Heaven’s C-47/DC-3 development.

Aeroplane Heaven C-47 Features

  • C-47 military and DC3 Dakota civilian versions with a wide choice of liveries.
  • High definition modelling in full, accurate detail, down to wire-strand locking wires on components in the cockpit and fully modelled gauges with correct assemblies and 3D needles and all dials with raised paint markings, etc.
  • High definition PBR textures inside and out with highly realistic fabrics, metals and paintwork, ageing and weathering effects
  • “On-the-fly” configuration panel allows you to change liveries, colours, materials and ageing effects whilst flying.
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