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Aeroplane Heaven C47/D3 Development Update


Its been about a month since we last heard from Aeroplane Heaven about their C47 and DC-3 package.

Aeroplane Heaven recently posted on their Facebook Page with a large update regarding the development of their Douglas DC-3 Dakota and military variant C-47 Skytrain. These Aeroplane Heaven has made a big name for themselves with their exceptional vintage aircraft for FSX and p3D and with their most recent project here, this is no different. The exterior model is highly detailed and accurate with fully detailed models nad several working animations. High definition modeling from the skin of the aircraft, all the way down to the telescopic battery doors. As most of the new aircraft and even scenery coming out these days, PBR (Physical Based Rendering) is fully integrated on both the DC-3 and C-47. Certain techniques with the textures allow for a dull, natural, or a highly polished alloy surface such as the prop, or the main fuselage. Unique the C-47 Skytrain, it has an option to allow fully modeled paratroopers in realistic poses and 18 droppable parachutists out of the back door.

Moving on into the interior, it’s just as detailed as the exterior. There is a difference between the civilian DC-3 and military C-47 when it comes to the flight deck. This means there are different switches and levers corresponding with the role the aircraft is playing. The DC-3 is fitted with a Flight1 GNS and REX WX which are “hidden” in a compartment somewhere in the flight deck. The C-47 will have a provision for modern avionics that is concealed behind the fully operational Sperry Gryopilot panel. The galley is fully modeled all the way down the tea and coffee pots. Much like the exterior model, the flight deck is fully modeled with PBR and all the steam gauges that you would find on this era aircraft are functional. The C-47 has an option for a fully modeled paratroop cabin with airborne soldiers ready to bring the fight. the DC-3 has the flight deck only.

Aeroplane Heaven has 49 liveries and still growing that will come with the aircraft for both the DC-3 and C-47. You will find the usual camouflage scheme as used by wartime RAF operators. Each livery is split up into different categories. Which include The Warbirds, The Americans, The Silver Birds and many more.

To read the entire post from Aeroplane Heaven, it is available to view on their Facebook Page. Feel free to comment and give your feedback this development.



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