Aerobask Falcon 8X Cockpit Preview

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Developer Aerobask has posted on their Facebook page a single cockpit preview screenshot of their upcoming Dassault Falcon 8X for X-Plane 11. The preview features the aircraft in adverse weather condition landing in Aspen (KASE) – an airport know for its very steep approach and high surrounding terrain. Interestingly, the picture unveils the presence of a synthetic vision system. The SVS displays surrounding terrain in 3D on the PFD and greatly enhances the pilot situation awareness. Comparing the screenshot with available pictures and videos of the Falcon 8X, the rendition of the instruments is very close to the real aircraft.

The Aerobask Falcon 8X has been in development for about a year. Interestingly, it is developed in collaboration with Dassault and aims at precisely modeling the performance of the real world Falcon 8X.

The Falcon 8X is Dassault Aviation’s flagship and top drawer, long-range tri-jet business jet. It features a maximum range of 6,450nm allowing you to go from New York to Moscow direct without a fuel stop.

FSElite readers can also view the WIP video teaser that was released last summer. Make sure you stay tuned on FSElite for further information of this promising rendition of the flagship of the Falcon line.

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