FSElite Ep 30 FlightSimCon Review


This week Calum joins Nicolas to talk about FlightSimCon 2016. They focus on the poor coverage of the event by the flight sim press. And, Nicolas suggests an online conference for next year. This weeks news is also covered. What did you think of FSCon2016?

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Nicolas Jackson

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I’m sorry but you are talking from a completely uniformed perspective, how can you possibly comment on the quality of the coverage when you weren’t even there! I can speak from experience because I was there. The internet was SHOCKING! Even mobile signal was bad. I struggled to post stuff everyday but we still did. I actually find what you guys said to be quite offensive. I travelled 6000nm to be there to cover the event and you seem to be the only ones that were dissatisfied with the quality of the coverage. Of course you should have to pay for a live stream of the talks, we had to pay $60 to go both days, why should you get it for free? You just sat there for 40mins whining about it.

Calum Martin

We can comment, because we’re like the majority of people: the people who didn’t get chance to go.

From our perspective, the lack of coverage from devs was just as slow on the uptake. Unless a news website covered the information (sometimes days / a week after the event), most devs didn’t even publish a press release or anything.

Everything felt just a bit “bitty” with no concrete screenshots or videos.

Of course, we understand the internet was probably bad (I think we mentioned that actually – it’s been a while since we recorded it), but some sites that did cover it, did a real half-assed job for the vast majority of us.

We just want to find out information about a hobby we’re all passionate about, so it can be difficult to wait.

Yes, we made comparisons to big multi-million dollar events, but our points still remain valid. We want to be surprised with announcements and feel like we’re there.

Thank you for travelling to the event, and doing what you can. This was in no way meant to offend anyone and we’re sorry you feel that way. We quite honestly are massive fans and are probably jealous we couldn’t be there. We just want everyone to have the chance of the feeling of being there, instead of being drip-fed information days/weeks later.

Thanks for the comment.