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Orbx Announces Brisbane International Airport for MSFS

2 7855f4748a30f43896019a41ceb0961f.jpg
Over on their forums, Orbx has announced Brisbane International Airport v2 for MSFS (YBBN). Brisbane v2 is the update of the original (v1) scenery of the airport, which was already released for Prepar3D earlier this year. Brisbane v2 adds several updates to the airport, bringing it more up to date with its real life counterpart. It includes an updated and
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LatinVFR Releases AREX Asia-Pacific

AAPpic6 1728x
LatinVFR has released Airport Regional Environment X (AREX) for the Asia-Pacific region for MSFS. AREX sets out to give you regionally accurate ground service vehicles by replacing the default ones. It includes ground service vehicles for the most important ground handling companies in the APAC region (excluding New Zealand). The package differentiates between about 8 'sub-regions' in the area, which
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Aerosoft Releases Zagreb for XP

Ldza Xp 05
Aerosoft has released Zagreb 'Franjo Tuđman' Airport for X-Plane 11 (LDZA). The airport serves the capital city of Croatia, and is also the largest and busiest one in terms of passenger movements. The airport offers connections to several other European cities, and a small number of connections to cities outside of Europe, such as Toronto and Seoul. The airport, developed by
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Aerosoft Releases Airport Sandnessjøen-Stokka for MSFS

Enst Msfs 04
Aerosoft has released Airport Sandnessjøen-Stokka for Microsoft Flight Simulator (ENST). The relatively small airport serves the town of Sandnessjøen. It offers connections to several other airports, such as Bodø, Oslo and Trondheim amongst a few others, which are all provided by Widerøe. The airport also offers a beautiful surrounding to explore in suitable aircraft. The airport, which has been developed by
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Flightbeam Releases Auckland Airport for P3D

Flightbeam Auckland Airport Nzaa P3d (9)
At long last, Flightbeam's hotly-anticipated Auckland International Airport has been released for Prepar3D v4 and v5. Auckland International Airport (NZAA) is located on the North Island of New Zealand and serves as the main hub for the country. Pre-pandemic, the airport saw over 20 million passengers per year with Air New Zealand being the primary carrier for the airport. Destinations
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First Look at Fenix Simulations’ A320 for MSFS

Fenix Simulations A320 Msfs First Look
Since the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator last year, simmers have been hoping for a high-quality airliner for the simulator. It would appear that those wishes will come true with the upcoming Fenix Sim A320 for the sim. If you haven't already seen the announcement article, I strongly suggest you take a look. Whilst the announcement article gave a good
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Fenix Simulations Announces High Fidelity A320 CEO for MSFS

Fenix Simulations A320 Msfs
Last week, we shared with you the news that a new developer was developing an airliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator that had a high level of fidelity. Today, we’re excited to introduce Fenix Simulations who will be bringing a high fidelity A320 CEO to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Fenix Simulations’ director, Aamir Thacker, has provided FSElite with an extensive first look
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IRIS Simulations Bringing PC-9 and PC-24 to MSFS

IRIS Simulations And Pilatus PC 24
Aircraft developer IRIS Simulations has announced a new partnership with Pilatus Aircraft to produce officially licensed renditions of the Pilatus PC-9 and PC-24 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The agreement means that these recreational renditions of the plane will have backing from the manufacture and likely access to materials in support of making these aircraft types for the simulator. IRIS Simulations said "this
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Watch How AviationLads Create Video Trailers

Our friends at AviationLads took the time to participate in Orbx's Fly July event by creating an extensive behind the scenes look at how they make cinematic trailers. Speaking on his official blog, Maurice from AviationLads said, "it is my major objective to create additional value for developers by optimizing the way how they present their products and interact with
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Captain Sim Releases 777F for MSFS

Captain Sim 777f Msfs (4)
Captain Sim continues to bring wide-body aircraft to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Following on from the release of their 777-200ER and 777-300ER, the team has released the freighter model of the Boeing 777. The 777F is a popular long-haul freighter aircraft that is built on the technology of the aircraft with the capability of travelling up to 9,750nm. Over 200 of the
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