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Welcome to the Prepar3D v5 Upgrade Hub. Your complete resource for finding everything you need to move to Lockheed Martin’s latest simulator. You can also help us by submitting your own updates to keep this hub alive.


Together with the community, we are making it easier than ever to find addons compatible with Prepar3D v5.


A selection of tutorials and helpful videos to get you started with Prepar3D v5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently questions and answers

Last Updated 14-April-20

What is Prepar3D v5?

Prepar3D v5 is the next-generation of simulator products from Lockheed Martin. Used as a training and education tool, Prepar3D enables users to control vehicles in a virtual environment. It is popular for flight training and aviation products.


Will there be a discount for people upgrading from a previous version of Prepar3D to version 5?

Although in no way confirmed, Lockheed Martin have not indicated such an upgrade path. Nor has this been the case in the past.


Which license should I buy?

That will very much depend on your circumstances and we cannot answer that question for you.


If you want to find out which category you fall into to decide which license suits you, please visit the Prepar3D website.


It’s worth noting that there are no significant differences in the simulator across the licenses, only other some military focused items in the Plus licenses.


Will my previous add-ons be compatible with Prepar3D v5?

That is dependable on the product type, developer and other factors. To help, we have made a community driven compatibility list. 


You can find our collection here.


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When will Prepar3D v5 release?

Lockheed Martin has confirmed that Prepar3D v5 will release on Tuesday, April 14th 2020. A time is not determined. 


How much will Prepar3D v5 cost when it is released?

Based on previous releases, Prepar3D v5 will cost differently depending on the license type purchased.


Professional License
US $199.00
Professional Developer License
US $9.95 Per Developer, Per Month
Academic License
US $59.95
Professional Plus License
US $2500
Pro Plus Developer License
US $19.95 Per Developer, Per Month

What new features are there for Prepar3D v5 compared to older versions?

Version 5 brings a range of new features and functionality to the world of Prepar3D. 


One of the most significant changes for Prepar3D v5 is the introduction of Direct X 12. This new rendering engine will open up new possibilities for developers to create more immersive environments and breathtaking worlds. All of this will come with significantly improved performance.


Other new features is the inclusion of sloped runways (with full AI interaction), trueSKY atmosphere and weather, more realistic oceans and more. 


Click here to see the full changelog.





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