What Could FSFX Packages Special Announcement Be?


Before I even begin, I just want to point out that this is completely a speculation piece, based on facts and other insights (backed up with proof). Nothing here is “insider” knowledge. With that, enjoy the speculation.


UPDATE: 07/09/2016

We think we’ve solved the case. We strongly believe that this will be an EZDOK replacement.

UPDATE: 06/09/2016

What about X-Plane? Taylor, one of our readers, recently messaged me to ask what about a possible X-Plane package. He said has spoken to FSFX Packages in the past, and they have expressed massive interest in developing for X-Plane. With Laminar Research recently updating X-Plane’s particle engine, there’s certainly some hope. Coupled with the fact that we are beginning to get some high fidelity aircraft on the platform, such as PMDG’s DC-6 and IXEG’s 737 Classic, this could also be a possibility.

So earlier today, FSFX Packages announced that on September 21st at 7pm, they will be live streaming their “biggest” announcement yet. I’m very familiar with PR talk, so that’s words not to be chosen lightly. The big mystery is, however, what is the product?

If you don’t know FSFX Packages already, they’re a great bunch of guys who develop exceptional in-sim effects for both the environment as well as specific aircraft. So far, the team have covered PMDG’s 777 and 737, as well as Aerosoft’s A320 family and Flysimware’s Lear35 with the Majestic Q400 package coming very soon. If you don’t own any of those aircraft (if not, why not?!), then you can improve your weather effects with PrecipitFX.

So they already have an impressive catalogue of high quality add-ons that have changed the game in Flight Simulation.

So what could be next?

Well maybe you remember their nasty little April Fools joke they pulled back in 2015, where they showed a clip of rain droplets coming down the windscreen of the PMDG 777…

At the time, it was pretty bitter sweet of them to show us such an awesome clip. On one hand, the effect could clearly be achieved within Prepar3d, but probably wouldn’t see the light of day due to complications when flying around (hence the video at the gate). This leads nicely onto a video interview by AirDailyX that I was recently reminded of. When asked, FSFX said that the video was running in real-time, and is something that is programmable.

“We have found a way in Prepar3d to do this, and we are working our way through the process of making it work properly” – FSFX interview.

So they have admitted that it’s:

  1. Possible; and
  2. They are actively working on making it happen.

It obviously doesn’t prove that this is what the “big announcement,” but when you couple it with their recent Q3 update, things get a little more interesting:

Hi folks!

Not much can be said in this Quarter update, we’re busy behind the scenes working on some interesting project that will see the light of day in the coming months.

Stay tuned, you won’t be deceived!

“You won’t be deceived!”? Is this reference to the fact they originally showed this off as an April Fools joke? We honestly don’t know, but it would fit in with their slogan “a new point of view”.

On the other hand, could we be waiting for a new camera system? Again, the slogan probably plays a huge part of the upcoming reveal: “A new point of view” would certainly suggest this idea.

If we then take a closer look at the banner advertising the event, it clearly looks like a brand new interface. Contradicting my previous idea of rain / snow effects being the product announcement, I can’t imagine you would need a brand new user-interface to integrate this into FSX/P3D.


Even in the image itself, you can almost see a “left” and “right” eye, along with areas for a large menu selection and different options – something you probably won’t need for more weather effects.

What we can probably say for sure, is that this isn’t going to be another “effects” package. This is something far greater, more in-depth and brand new from FSFX, but still keeping with their core product design of effect packages.

Regardless of what it may be, only the team at FSFX Packages know with absolute certainty. Until then, leave your ideas in the comments below and we look forward to seeing you at the stream on September 21st.

Calum Martin

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I have been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of ‘2000 and have developed my love for aviation ever since. I have the knowledge and experience to really deliver an excellent aviation community. Although no real life flying experience, I have a good understanding and always learning more and more.
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