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Ultimate Traffic Live

Ultimate Traffic Live came out the other day as a “soft launch”. Many of you have been asking our thoughts on it as part of a review. Right now, we have around 20 product reviews currently on-going, so this one will fall behind until an official ‘full’ launch has been released. Of course, we didn’t want to leave the community in the dark. As a result, I’ve put together a list of stray thoughts from the product.

This isn’t a review, it’s simply a collection of first impressions for the product.

  • “What the hell is a ‘soft launch?'”

  • “Oh, it’s just beta software. Grrr!”
  • Installation was a bit difficult as Avira thought it was a virus. Ended up having to reinstall a few times to get it to work. Also, when you start the sim, Avira’s real time protection will also identify it as a false positive. Bit annoying really.
  • Main user interface looks good and instantly recognised I use P3D V3.
  • Delving around into the menus a bit more, you’re able to view a ‘live’ map of traffic being populated by the software. Over 14,000 populated and 7000 displayed!
  • Plenty of options to adjust for the sim to get a nice smooth experience. Complete with short cut keys!

  • Cool “status board” – not sure what help it will be

  • Clicking on them shows you their flight plan. Includes SIDS and STARS. Looked into NAT tracks, but it just takes a random route over the Atlantic by the looks of it
  • The term “live” in the title is very The traffic isn’t live at all, and just based off STD and STA. Not sure if it takes wind into consideration (probably not)

  • Did some fact checking and some airports from EZY are missing. They may be more recently announced airports, but it’s still wrong. The airport count is also incorrect (trust me). No word on when or what updates will come for the traffic.


Next up, I loaded up the sim with Ultimate Traffic Live

  • Initially loaded 100% in the configurator, and 30% on the sliders in the sim and…SLIDESHOW
  • Used the shortcut keys to lower the number of traffic and somehow broke it. Nothing loaded and AI planes all vanished!
  • Sim re-booted, lower levels of traffic and framerate now stable. I ended up adjusting the values to 30% airline and 5% for general aviation. Then set 30% in the sim.
  • Honestly can’t tell you if this is correct as there is NO USER MANUAL. In their defence, the forum post was made clear there isn’t one.
  • First impressions of the modelling are… it’s okay. It’s only AI traffic, so not the highest of quality. The navigation, beacon and strobe lighting looked great on them!
  • Multiple old / incorrect liveries. No new EZY ones (that I could see) and Virgin’s 747s were all old too. Some other people I’ve read have pointed out similar issues. I believe Delta, Swiss and a few other major airlines have the issue.
    • VAS usage seemed normal for what I was injecting. No worse from using other traffic programs. Did a flight from Sydney to Hong Kong with no issues and plenty of traffic enroute. Did some more European flying with no real issue (just an aircraft lining up as I was on finals, but this was my fault for not notifying ATC)
Taken at EGLL in the PMDG 777 with settings as described above. 1.1GB remaining. Not bad, not bad at all.
100% traffic in the FSLabs A320X at EGKK. Still had 0.6GB left which isn’t too bad.
  • Need more testing in this department for a more definitive answer.
Some old Virgin liveries. I tried finding more and they were old style.
Busy at EGKK. This time with 100% traffic. Frames took a hit, but looks good.
Captured this in YSSY

With some testing out of the way, I headed over to the forums

Going to the forums, I found some interesting information out about the product.

  • New features compared to Ultimate Traffic 2
    • Aircraft routings are based on SIDs/STARs
    • Maintenance and WX delays for aircraft*
    • Aircraft are simulated externally
    • Over 120 liveries
    • B787 and A350 models included.
  • No network support
  • No support for navdata for new SIDs / STARS (what!?)
  • The team don’t know if there will be free or paid for schedule updates. “Best to expect paying a small fee in the future”

*I checked KLAX, OMDG, KJFK, EGLL, KMCO, EGGD, YSSY and WSSS and not a single aircraft was running late. Not. One! I even checked badbadweather and searched for airports with terrible weather for delays. Nope. Nothing.

So my impressions: It’s not a great start.

First of all, they need to stop calling it a ‘soft launch’. It’s a beta build, which people are paying for. It’s not the most stable of platforms, with quite a lot of important things missing or not working as required. For example, the liveries and model work appear to be lifted straight from Ultimate Traffic 2 with little to no work on changing it.

With missing airports, routes and incorrect aircraft types still operating, there’s still likely going to times where you see aircraft where they shouldn’t be.

It’s disappointing that Flight One Software released this as an open beta for the cost of the full product. I don’t understand the need of selling it early as it doesn’t really benefit anyone.

Should I buy it?

Like I said, this isn’t a review for the product as there’s more testing and research to be done. But honestly, the answer really depends on your situation. If you’re upgrading from another AI traffic injector, I wouldn’t bother. It doesn’t change enough in this “soft launch” to justify a full price purchase. When the full version is out, it may be, but for now, you’re paying for bugged software with missing features. If you’re looking for your first  AI traffic add-on, then you may as well, as it’s the most up to date and the best looking UI (as well as the easiest) yet.

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