New Year, New Changes

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The start of a new year generally brings changes. Most of us resolve to start something, stop something, or generally try to do something better. A new calendar is full of opportunity and 365 chances to change it up.

We too are changing something. We are changing our reviews.

In the coming weeks you will see a new review format from FSElite. Our reviews will no longer be divided into sections denoting presentation, features, performance, and value. Gone is the scoring matrix at the bottom of the review, the review summary, and the final score (which was an average of the 4 scores in the scoring matrix).

Instead, we will present an easy to understand written summary of our experience with the product. We will cover all aspects of the product (installation, visual appeal, performance) in the body of the review and tell you what we liked and didn’t like. We will present a graphic summary at the start of the review that will summarize our likes in one column and our dislikes in another, along with a score that will fall into a numerical range from zero to ten.

We also understand that the way our readers access our content is changing. Because of this, you will start seeing a short video review along with our written review. This feature is designed to give you a quick and engaging summary of the written review, and we hope it will be a nice addition to our written review system. You will see these video summaries on select reviews in the coming months. These videos are not intended to replace our excellent video reviews which are put together by our video team, and we will continue to deliver engaging video reviews and video content.

When we began the internal process of discussing how we deliver reviews to you, our readers, we wanted to make sure that our reviews were easy to read, made sense, and covered all of the important areas that are considered when deciding to purchase a product.

We wanted to make sure that we provided this information in an easy to read and easy to understand format. And we wanted to make sure that our scoring system made sense to our readers.

We think we have hit that mark.

Reviews can evoke a very personal response. After all, each product is at the mercy of the person who is reviewing it, and what some might see as acceptable, others might see as completely opposite. It’s for this reason that we invite you, our community of readers, to continue providing feedback so that we can continue to improve what we deliver to you.

All of the reviews which are already on the site will not change. Also, we are updating our review guidelines on our site to ensure readers are aware of the changes.

Please be patient with us as we put the finishing touches on our new review system. You will soon see reviews return to our site and we hope that you will like them.

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