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Back in June, we announced a brand new product: DCTRY (pronounced ‘directory’). It’s been a few weeks since FSExpo, but we’ve been busy hard at work on DCTRY reviewing and implementing community feedback. We’d like to take a brief moment to talk about some things that we’ve changed, improved, and polished since June.

  • When’s the invite only beta? The invite beta is ever approaching and we want to remind you that if you go to you can sign up with your email to be on the invite-only beta team. We can’t give out beta access to everyone who signs up of course, but if you have a particular talent or skill you think would be useful during the beta period, please do get in touch.
  • Airplanes? While we are considering adding airplanes under the scope of DCTRY, at the moment we want to focus on scenery and getting the site into your hands before we seriously consider expanding outwards. We wouldn’t want to be caught in an endless loop of delays like some products we’ve seen lately…
  • Are you going to integrate with XYZ? We have some plans to integrate with 3rd party tools in the future but at the moment we can’t discuss any of them. Be sure that you’re going to see DCTRY all over the place though!
  • We are also working with multiple well-known flight sim personalities to create some cool ways for them to share with their community what products they own via DCTRY. Pretty nifty!
  • We’re planning out scope for future features. If you’re interested in helping development, do reach out via our Contact form or by emailing me at calum [@] dctry [dot] net.

We’ve also got a fresh new style on the homepage, with a more refined design than what was shown during our presentation

But what is it?

DCTRY will be the airport map and search engine of the future. Our goal is to provide the easiest way to find your next airport add-on for modern flight simulators. It will be easy to use, free for all and powerful.

Whether you’re looking for a product under $25, that has a challenging approach by your favourite developer, DCTRY will allow you to do that. Perhaps you don’t know what you’re looking for – if so our ‘Inspire Me’ tool will enable you to search hundreds of products to seek out your next purchase.

DCTRY will create themed routes for you to try!

Each product comes with its own detailed product page. Sharing everything with you from developer and airport information, to download size, latest version number and simulator compatibility. DCTRY also syncs up with FSElite’s database to bring you the latest news specific to that airport. We’re also excited to have multiple currencies displayed for each price allowing users all over the world to know what their next product will cost in their local currency.

Registered community members will also be able to enjoy features just for them. Our MyDCTRY system will allow you to save any airport from our database to your personal list so you can easily see which airports you own in your simulator. Community members will also be able to review any product within the database and share their own images of their experience to help other members of the flight sim community know which products are worth buying. In the future, we’ll also allow registered members access to our live pricing feature, which will gather live information from multiple stores and feed it directly into DCTRY.

Developers will also be able to use DCTRY. Developers will be able to upload their very own product listings through our easy-to-use form and update them as and when information is required. Developers can also track their product stats through the helpful dashboard, seeing information such as unique views, total clicks and more. Finally, developers will be able to allow their products to stand out above the rest with our promotional offers.

DCTRY is just in its infancy with more to come. We’re evolving with your feedback and will continue to implement new and fresh ways to interact with your scenery library. With over 600 airports currently in the database and with many more to come, DCTRY will be the most complete airport add-on directory ever made for flight sim.

You can sign up for the chance to be in our closed beta via DCTRY is expected to launch in Summer 2018. There is also a FAQ sheet at the bottom of the main page, so be sure to read that!

How can I help support DCTRY?

We’re always looking for talented individuals to support us and the development of DCTRY. If you have any skills which you think will be able to help us, get in touch either via our contact form above, or with calum [@] dctry [dot] net.

I’m a developer! How can I sign up?

We’ll be reaching out to developers very soon with information and we’ll also need your support.


Calum Martin

The author Calum Martin

I have been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of '2000 and have been developing my love for aviation ever since. I have the knowledge and experience to really deliver an excellent aviation community. Although no real life flying experience, I have a good understanding and always learning more and more. | View My Specs

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Love the idea! I use your airport addon map regularly……and I’m always looking for new places to visit. Only problem is I’m super snobby when it comes to my routes…..i need a good quality third party addon airport at both the departure and arrival airport or i won’t fly the flightplan (told you I’m snobby). This may sounds ridiculous but its so hard keeping track of the airports i already own or installed (sometimes i find myself searching thru my simmarket purchases to see if own the addon…..followed by my P3D directory just to see if i have previously installed it) – this will be super helpful in keeping track of the airports i own, installed and have yet buy. Can’t wait to see it in action. Looking forward to release!

Love what you’re doing. Have bought a bunch of airports I wouldn’t have found otherwise. So thanks! If it hasn’t been mentioned already, some way to keep up with the latest versions/updates of each airport would be helpful so I always know if I have the latest or not.

I’m with “Z” on this one…I require quality detailed airports and scenery. My hope is that this tool covers any new free/payware scenery that is circulated throughout the multiple media sources. I presently have almost every…every scenery (+1TB of Quality scenery) for P3dv4 (I fly with a VA that has real routes to all of the addon scenery).
I know that one area the tool can be of great service is presenting addon scenery in greater light. For example, some of the scenery advertised on simmarket cannot be fully appreciated because the seller/developer’s computer specs limits portraying the scenery at its best. I can attest to this because some of the scenery I took a change on looked far better on my PC.

Looks like a great thing coming to the flight sim community. Thank you, and very much looking forward to it!


I am a huge fan of this new website(tool) you all have coming out! I know this seems like a lot but there are some lazy people in this world(example ME) who have been spoiled by installers from using P3D and I’m not huge on dropping files. Especially for freeware will there be an installer for those or will we been set to another spot once i figure out what scenery I want. If this is all in house and no need to jump around website and includes an DCTRY installer this goes from a 10/10 to a 20/10

Calum Martin

Just to clarify, this is just a tool to view products that exist. You will still need to buy the product via your preferred vendor (we’ll show you the live price eventually). You’ll then have to install it via their method. We don’t touch products and don’t intend to. This is just a better way to see what’s available.

Cheers 🙂

Friendly reminder that it needs to, at least to some extent, have freeware in. Otherwise the whole premise is relatively pointless.

@Calum Excellent! That’s probably the best way to go about it.

Calum Martin

Freeware will be implemented. It will still require for developers to upload their scenery listings.

Andrew Thompson

As of right now I use Google Earth to keep track of my installed airports. Last count, I have around 80-ish airports for P3D and a handful for XP11. This was a tedious undertaking as well as a lot of work to keep up on it. Dropping pins, adding descriptions, versions, where I purchased them.

But this.. DCTRY.. Is brilliant. Being able to keep track for me, the user reviews, the developer side, the search and filters with prices. It was always a chore to google where to buy a scenery and then to search around for the best deals.

I can only see this program growing and expanding over time and becoming everyones go-to for scenery, and maybe more in the future..

Here’s another user of Google Maps… Though I don’t add versions numbers and such. I only use it to keep track of potential routes between my addon airports, note routes I really enjoy, but most importantly: I have a color scheme based on route duration. Flying time is really important for me. So, I wonder:

Will there be an option to see what the flying time between various addons in the database is? E.g. before I buy, say, OrbX PAJN, I’ll be able to check how close PAKT and PANC are so that I’ll know if I’ll even have the time to fly those routes? I tend not to fly routes longer than 1:30hr. Currently I find this info through FlightRadar, but if this were built into DCTRY, that’d be one step less that I’d have to take.

Calum Martin

Thanks Andrew!

Visited you at fsexpo and saw DCTRY in action. What a great idea and a gift to the community. Awaiting this with bated breath.


Calum Martin

Thanks Bob. We’re also excited to bring it to the public!