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Giveaway: TOGA Projects ENVTEX and ENVSHADE

ENVTEX Previews 13

FSElite is excited to present another giveaway to our readers! The prize that we’re giving away this time includes a copy of ENVTEX and ENVSHADE, TOGA Project’s popular graphical enhancement tools for FSX and P3D. This giveaway is in correlation with our recent exclusive post which showed off some of the new exciting features that will be coming in SP2 for ENVTEX.

In order to enter this giveaway, all you need to do is guess the correct release date for ENVTEX SP2 on this post on the site, Facebook or Twitter. We will announce the giveaway winner on the day of release.

Although it may sound obvious, we do please ask that you only enter this giveaway if you do not already own these two products. This mitigates complications on the day the giveaway is drawn.

We wish you all good luck and make sure to keep an eye out for when this update releases and if you guessed the release date correctly, you may just be the lucky owner of a copy of ENVTEX and ENVSHADE.


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