FSElite Threatened with Hack


FSElite Threatened with Hack

We have received a credible threat to FSElite suggesting we may be hacked by the same hacker who breached FSLabs’ website and forums last week.

You can read details on their hack here.

Early last week, an anonymous email was sent to our senior leadership team with ‘supposed’ details that were ‘stolen’ from FSLabs’ database.

To emphasis, the information was sent to us by a random email with no way to respond to authenticate the information. Had we been able to, we would have reported it to the authorities accordingly along with all relevant information, whilst protecting our user’s privacy.

As a result of not believing the data to be accurate, nor us being able to verify the data, we believed it to be something we shouldn’t report on.

The information held in the email was database table names.

However, we have now received a credible threat from this ‘hacker’ who has said that unless we report on what data was stolen, then FSElite would face the same fate. The reason we believe this threat to be credible is due to this comment posted on our website just a few hours ago:

“FSElite. Now you need to be truthful about knowing that more data was stolen that FSLABS is admitting too. Your recent article quoted them saying they think no more data was taken when you were given a sample of unedited data so know this to be deceitful. Regurgitating the statement without question is not the sign of a trustworthy publication.

Choosing not to publish private data is one thing. Not informing users you know more and they are being lied too while printing FS Labs quotes you know to false is bad sportsmanship. As is deleting comments with no personal info included .

You are going to be having problems of your own soon if you do not be truthful to your readers. If you think Cloudflare and changing some passwords will protect you, you understand security as much as FSL.

Do the right thing. It would be a shame to see another suffer due to making bad decisions.”

Only a handful of members of the FSElite team knew of the contents of this email, which is what leads us to believe the person posting this comment also knew of that information. We determine that it’s either the hacker themselves, or something with knowledge of the hack / email sent to us.

As a result, we’ve tightened up some of our security elements (more than just Cloudflare and a few passwords like the hacker suggests) and have a plan in place IF we do get breached. Furthermore, we’re primed to report it to any applicable authorities. We’ll be ensuring if anything were to happen, we would continue to remain GDPR compliant.

We’re taking this matter extremely seriously, and felt it was only right to report it to the community as soon as we had a better understanding of what was happening. I know it may seem anti-climatic if nothing happens, but as a team, we want to do what we feel is right.

We acknowledge that this is an extremely sensitive subject and have always worked with the communities interest in mind.

I want to be the first to apologise for this. Whilst elements of this are beyond our control, I feel a responsibility to ensure that everyone who visits the site feels safe browsing and knowing that their privacy is respected. We work hard daily to provide fair content in a constructive way. I do feel saddened that someone has malicious intent to try and destroy that trust. I won’t condone that kind of behaviour in any way shape, or form.

This may or may not trigger some kind of reaction from this supposed hacker, but we want to be crystal clear as soon as possible. As always, please direct any questions you may have to us either below or via email. If things do go wrong, please wait whilst we work to bring things back up to speed.


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Matthew Pressley

This juvenile brat “hacker” needs to either return to his pathetic little life, or enjoy his time in jail. You aren’t impressing anyone tough guy.

Exactly. I can imagine, when he’s not blackmailing those who don’t “live up to his godly standards”, that he spends his days whining in fora about release delays.

I’m so sick and tired of this BS – !! We have given our privacy away on a silver platter to Google, FB, WhatsApp, Apple_CLoud, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram and our every move on the Internet … and now even in a very small niche flightsim community. There will ALWAYS be pirates and FSL should ask themselves if it is worth it to compromise their 99% loyal customers in order to expose the 1% thieves? #justasking

To my knowledge there have other developers that at one time were under controversy for some issue or another. Perhaps not one as serious in the the sense that it did not involve their customers. But people tend to forget, I think.

They make outstanding products. So that and if no other stupid privacy shit happens then FSL will be fine and people can start trusting them again. But against all the negative people who wanna see them hang instead of helping it will be a hard and long road.

I’ve read this the first time … but thank you for the repeat. I was more referring to what the hack(le) implies. The whole fiasco has just spiralled out of control and I, for one, don’ know how FSL will manage to PR themselves back into the game, so to speak. I’m not anti-FSL and this is not a badmouth tantrum, I’m just saying, this is a mess.

If you read the latest development update you will know that FSLabs are trying to keep their loyal customers but your lazy so I’ll get it and quote for YOU.

“Following on from this, FSLabs have said that they’ll be taking a different approach to piracy with the next A320-X update. From now on, they’ll no longer be performing any further checks beyond putting a serial code into an installer.”

Miles Harrison

One comment….His thank you.

Sad to read about such a creature, eaten up by hate.

It’s amazing how confident someone can be behind a computer, but let’s see if that guy would still be this confident if he went face to face with someone.

All I want to say to this ‘hacker’ is that this isn’t clever or funny or whatever he thinks it is and I hope whoever they are spends a lot of time in prison.

You have my absolute 100% support FSElite and will continue reading your great content. Keep up the good work!

I believe that this guy or “hacker” is making a legitimate point, but intimidating to get your way such as threatening to take the site down is not the rational way to go about it.

i think this really sucks and is sad to read. this is flight simulation, our happy place, i dont understand why these thing are happening.

Well, I would neither underestimate nor overstimate these guys.

I just didn’t get why or which is the will but you would better enforce secure above all in the next upcoming months, done that I would chase them.

So spoilt kid uses illegal Airbus.

Airbus creator puts spyware on kids (parrents) computer.

Kid has to much spare time and hacks website and wants to be taken serious.

Company doesn’t take kid serious.

Other sites doesn’t take kid serious.

Kid goes to war and wants to take over the world.

Kid, are you Pinkey or the brain?

Simon Klaassen

People are taking this waaay toooo serious

An eye for an eye isn’t how the world works nowadays. Whoever this little pathetic individual is, isn’t better than FSL.

Self justice must be punished and I hope he gets catched very soon. Even he can “hack” doesn’t mean he is invisible to others. There is always a bigger fish in the sea.

And for those who aren’t accepting news for FSL products! Grow up and fly something else!

Maxkillers “Maxkillers Gaming”

Someone has no life! While he was fine doing it to flightsim labs being stingy AF, now he’s just being a complete dickhead to anybody

Not sure why you would condone hacking against anybody, even if it is against “stingy” FSLabs.

Miles Harrison

Unbelievable that this has happened, This actually shows the sadness off these individuals that they dont care who they attack. The community has to rally around FsElite to show we cannot except this any more and yes Froogle that means you as well. Maybe more to to the FSlabs story than meets the eye!!!! At this stage it makes me support FSlabs even more. These guys are vermin. Long live FSElite and I believe for the future FSlabs as they are forgiven by the idiot who has tried this…..WTF

So why and when is a criminal act against fsl not criminal. IT is Just as stupid as what fsl did. How can you condone such behavior. This hacker is not worth the time.

Miss the days when i had to go to the actual stores to buy the sims i needed. Guess the old saying “can’t we all just get along” just doesn’t apply anymore.

I wish to talk to the cracker. Your behaviour isn’t a fair one, because your research of the truth is obtained forcing persons by a mafia ongoings. Threaten someone isn’t the good way for the truth.

FSL is toxic and anything associated with it. As I said in the other article, they have attracted the attention of a lot of high profile “adventurers” with their bullshit. I don’t agree with anyone threatening a non affiliated news site but if indeed there is proof that the breach is not as contained as FSL claims, then the people whose data was exposed have the right to know.

And I hope it stays this way and this is just a bluff and not somebody who is angry they didn’t get the recognition they craved for their “efforts”.

The hacker did indeed claim customer data was compromised. However, neither the hacker nor FSL ever confirmed this, and we have not seen any customer data leak. I am not saying that data may not have been taken, but we cannot confirm it either.

I could swear I read when it first broke that forum data was taken, which would include peoples names (if you are stupid enough to use your real name on their forums) and whatever other things users put on their profiles.

now we are told this isn’t the case. Dunno. I can only speculate but would presume if the forum is breached, that information would be the first thing to go.. if it was just the website then it depends what data FSL mirrored/linked to site components.

Absolutely. However, we do not know ourselves what data has been stolen. We know as much as everyone else that visited FSL website during the time the hackers message was visible.

Publish only what you can verify to be true from multiple sources. When you do, publish everything that is true, and nothing else. If it could cause someone harm, give them the courtesy of a heads up first. If you have any indication a criminal offence may have been committed, report it to the authorities in the appropriate jurisdiction and ask their advice as to whether you should publish any information in respect of it.

If you’re hacked it will only take the site down for a short time Im sure, it wont be the end of the world! Just report honestly and carefully and what happens happens.

A the truth. What is the truth? We live in a post-truth era. Opinions are now truth, inconvenient facts are replaced by alternate facts.

Do you use wordpress?

Sounds like a phishy question…

Report this to the police and to the ICO. It is blackmail and pre-notification to ICO of a data breach threat makes it far easier to deal with them than the first contact being actually reporting a data breach…

Speedbird ATC

Oh my God. How are you supposed to know what information was hacked from FSL? If this guy is hiding information that can incriminate FSL then pray tell, why has he not released it himself?

Beats us. We aren’t WikiLeaks.