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FSElite Original: Pick the Best – 2017 Community Choice Awards

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Welcome back for stage 2 of the 2017 Community Choice Awards.

Thank you to everyone who told us what they wanted to see in this year’s picks. Some surprising entries and some we knew would probably make the cut. We’ve narrowed them down the most popular choices and put them together for you to now pick your favourite from the selection on offer.

From today (January 31st) until February 7th 2018, you’ll be able to pick the best of the best.

Where Can I Vote?

You can vote via our Google Form here. Or you can see the embedded iframe below.

What Are The Categories?

Best Developer
Best Publisher
Best Aircraft
Best Scenery (Airport)
Best Scenery (Large area or cityscape)
Best Utility
Best Freeware
Best Support from a Developer or Publisher
Best Flight Sim Live Streamer of 2017
Best Flght Sim YouTuber of 2017
Most Looking Forward to in 2018

What’s In It For Me?

This will be your chance to give back to the development and publishing community who work tirelessly to bring amazing products to your simulator. If your favourite product or developer wins, they’ll be able to claim some free advertising space on FSElite as well as a cool badge signifying to potential customers that this really is a must-own product.

Furthermore, we’ll also chuck in the opportunity for one user to win some nice prizes from SimMarket.

What Can I Vote for?

  • Flight Factor
  • Flight Sim Labs
  • Flightbeam Studios
  • FSFX Packages
  • Orbx
  • PMDG
  • QualityWings
  • TFDi Design
  • Aerosoft
  • FlightSimStore
  • Just Flight
  • Orbx
  • SimMarket
  • X-Plan.Org
  • Aerosoft CRJ 700/900
  • Flight Factor A320
  • FS Labs A320X (P3DV4)
  • Just Flight Turbo Arrow III
  • Milviz DHC-3 Otter
  • PMDG 747-400 QOTSII
  • QualityWings 787 (FSX)
  • FlightBeam KMSP
  • Orbx Innsbruck
  • FlightBeam KSFO V2
  • Drzewiecki Design Seattle Airports X
  • Aerosoft Frankfurt Professional
  • UK2000 Gatwick Xtreme v4
  • Aerosoft Heathrow professional
  • KPDX Portland International Airport 1.5
  • Turbulent Designs KMBS
  • Drzewiecki Design Seattle City X
  • Orbx Germany South
  • ORBX FTX openLC South America
  • PILOT’S FS Global Ultimate – Next Generation
  • Drzewiecki Design New York City X
  • Toposim
  • Better Pushback
  • FSFX Packages Chase Plane
  • FSUIPC for P3D v4
  • projectFLY V2
  • SimTweaks PTA
  • Turbulent Designs Terra Flora
  • FSFX Packages Make Thunderstorms Great Again
  • iBlueYonder’s Herons Nest
  • Ultimate Realism Pack
  • Zibo 737
  • Aerosoft
  • Flight Sim Labs
  • FlyTampa
  • FSFX Packages
  • Majestic
  • Orbx
  • PMDG
  • TFDi Design
  • Aviation pro
  • Chewwy94
  • FroogleSim
  • Matt Davies
  • Q8Pilot
  • The Flight Sim Deck
  • Aerosimgaming
  • BlackBox711
  • Chewwy94
  • Matt Davies
  • Mattias__K
  • Virtual170
  • Active Sky for X-Plane
  • Aerosoft 320 Professional
  • Aerosoft A330
  • FlythemaddogX MD80
  • Flight Sim Labs A319
  • Orbx PNW for AFS2
  • PMDG 747-8
  • QualityWings Ultimate 787 (P3DV4)



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I have been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of '2000 and have been developing my love for aviation ever since. I have the knowledge and experience to really deliver an excellent aviation community. Although no real life flying experience, I have a good understanding and always learning more and more. | View My Specs

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Best Developer: Flightbeam
Tough competition but one has to use a critical eye: details, technique, especially with skills that produced Denver’s elevations changes

Best Publisher: Simmarket
Although at times they publish some questionable scenery/aircraft, they provide the best platform whereby an array of developers can retail their works. And therefore cater to a wide spectrum of clientele

Best Aircraft: PMDG 747-400 QOTS
close competition with FS labs Aribus x, which in my opinion is edged out by PMDG’s refinedness in model texturing both interior and exterior.

Best scenery (Airport) Up for grabs – field choices are not apples to apples

Having owning all of these scenery I’m force to make sub-categories
Best scenery (Airport) with interior Modeling – Turbulent Designs KMBS
Best Scenery (Airport) with surroundings Scenery/autogen – Orbx Innsbruck
Best Scenery (mega- Airport) Flightbeam KMSP

Best Scenery City or Large Area – Orbx Open LC South America

Best Utility
FSFX Packages – Chase Plane

Best Freeware
Ultimate Realism Pack

Best Support:
Orbx – due to is high active community and the Orbx team’s attentiveness

Best YouTuber: FroogleSim
Quick and concise

Best streamer: Matt Davies

Most looking forward to: Aerosoft Airbus A330
comes in front of 747-800, 787 and Maddog mainly because it was advertised for p3d platforms earlier back before the others.

Sorry X-Planers but I think we need a separate award for ya simply because not everyone will have the flow to sport both platform and all its addons, to afford a comprehensive comparison.


So here are my votes, are you agree? :

1. Best developer: ORBX (stunning sceneries always, and very good price)

2. Best publisher: Justflight. (You can always save money on every purchase, more expensive buy, more discount you will have in the next purchase. good idea)

3. Best Plane: CRJ 700/900 X (Best quality/price add-on for a plane of this year, I don’t like expensive planes that are not too different than aerosoft and majestic ones. For example. Majestic q400 its better plane than pmdg 777 and it’s cheaper)

4. Best Aiport: Frankfurt professional. (Simply stunning, very good performance even with dynamic lights)

5. best Large area: ORBX open LC South America (a whole continent very good detailed and its free.)

6. Best utility: FSUIPC V5 (without little addon I don’t know what could I do)

7. Best freeware: Ultimate realism pack.

8. Best support: Aerosoft (For me with any doubts, support multiple languages, a very used forum with high activity and always soon or later they solve your problem)

9. Best youtuber and streamer: Matt Davis (That’s because I’m a fan)

10. Most wanted aircraft for 2018: AS A330.

Are you agree?

Perhaps it would’ve been better if we could have given more votes or points for different competitors (something like Eurovision type of voting), since they are all doing great job and it was sometimes hard to decide who to vote for, just my opinion. Eduard, I agree, I love CRJ and ORBX sceneries.

Calum Martin

That’s a good idea! Something we’ll consider next year!

It’ll be a close one between the 2 Matt’s that’s for sure.

Steaven McKenzie

I’m sure our KTTF would have been on the list IF anyone knew about it. lol! We are lurking in the shadows over here at Attitude. >>>

For me best plane CRJ, i don´t have 747 so, cant speak about it, but i have other planes here, CRJ AS for me is the best /quality price addon plane of this year.

Calum Martin

best Youtuber,

but as it does not transmit in English it is ignored, but by far the most qualified.

Well thought of and updated to all the products loved by us, was a hard decision that made me sit there for a few minutes on each selection. Haha!

I want to vote. But on some categories I don’t really have a (good) opinion. Like best flight sim live streamer, I don’t watch live streams at all. But its required to answer it. Is this really needed?

Calum Martin

Hi Richard,

This is true. I’ve changed the settings now so refresh it and you should be able to vote.