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FSElite Original: Community Voted Top 5 X-Plane 11 Airliners

For the month of November, we asked the community to vote on their favorite airliners in X-Plane 11.  You made your voice heard from all around the world as this became one of our most popular top 5 poll with thousands of votes! Everyone’s participation made this a tight race, but there was always going to be one winner in this contest on X-Plane market. We won’t spoil it straight away, so check out what took which place this month!

#5 FlightFactor 767 – Votes: 663

Coming in at number 5 with 663 votes is the FlightFactor 767. This aircraft for $92 USD comes with the 200ER, 300ER, and 300Freighter models with the Prat & Whitney, Rolls Royce, and General Electric engines to choose from. It features some of the most in-depth systems on X-Plane as well as some of the best sounds. It has an EFB – complete with loading manager – and an interactive checklist that follows your progress. It can also automatically do it for you like a first officer. With in-depth systems, high fidelity sounds, accurate modeling, and flight dynamics it is no wonder this is a community favorite. They do have a $72 USD version that just has the 767-300ER Prat & Whitney.

The next one on our list had just 5 votes more than the 767. She’s not heavy, but I hear she has some nasty wake turbulence…

#4 FlightFactor 757 – Votes: 668

Coming in at number 4 with a very close vote count with 668 votes is the FlightFactor 757. Similar to their 767, this plane is also $92 USD and comes with the 757 200, 200SF cargo and 300 variant with the Prat & Whitney and Rolls Royce engines to choose from. With an identical feature list to their 767 aircraft, you can be assured model, system, and flight dynamic fidelity are all proper to the type. Found usually on more shorter hauls in both cargo and passenger variants, it’s no wonder it scored a little higher than its longer-range big brother. Also, like her big brother FlightFactor did do a $72 USD version that includes just one model.

#3 Toliss A319 – Votes: 870

Coming in at lucky number 3 with 870 votes is the Toliss A319! This aircraft features the most realistic a319 simulation you can get on Xplane and it’s only $69 USD. On top of the detailed model, it features in-depth systems such as hydraulics, electrical and pneumatic. Even the MCDU’s and autopilots are independent of each other as with the real one. They didn’t stop at the systems as the flight dynamics are also representative of the real-world counterpart down to touchdown with brake temps. With both CFM and IAE engines as well as either wingtip fences or sharklets options, it’s no wonder the community rounded off the top 3 with the Toliss A319.

#2 FlightFactor A320 – Votes: 986

Coming in a strong second with 986 votes is the FlightFactor A320! This one from FlightFactor is $89.95 USD and features a very high-quality model and flight dynamics to match coming from things like a physically-based electrical, hydraulic, fuel and pneumatic system simulating even the small things like an electrical relay or even sensors along with a particular system. Though it’s highly stimulated, you do only get one engine variant. I think system fidelity and aircraft popularity in the short to medium hauls amongst airlines gave this aircraft its rightful spot in 2nd place.

Before we do our number 1 spot, Let’s go over our honourable mentions that didn’t quite make the top 5 list but were still highly voted on by the community.


Rotate MD-80 – Votes: 452

Our first honourable mention having 452 votes is none other than the Rotate MD-80! This aircraft is from the era when pilots didn’t have huge digital displays and not too many systems were automated. Flying an aircraft like this was a lot of hands-on. Learning this aircraft is fun and easy. Mastering it is challenging but rewarding.

FlyJSim 727 – Votes: 398

Our second honourable mention is going to take us back even further. We’re talking 6 packs and no I’m not talking about the buff guy kind. FlyJSim’s 727! With 398 votes is an aircraft that definitely takes us back to the old times with an odd number of engines. This tri-jet is one of only a few to get some simulator love with decent depth to boot.

FlyJSim 737 – Votes: 339

For our 3rd and final honourable mention coming at us with 339 votes is going to be the FlyJSim 737. This is the early 737 200 variant identifiable instantly by them rather unique engines. This aircraft sticks with the honourable mention theme, which wasn’t intentional, of having good system depth as well as being from the era of early commercial jet aviation. Like their 727, the 737 from FlyJjsim has simulated systems and flight dynamics to be true to the real world aircraft.


#1 Zibo Mod 737-800X – Votes: 1781

In the number 1 spot is an aircraft that has unmatched value to any other addon. According to the community, this is one aircraft that provides the most realistic simulation of the 737-800 in any simulator. It is very community-driven and runs off the generous donations from the community. It’s completely free and has a very high standard of system fidelity, flight dynamics and realism. This is undoubtedly an unmatched aircraft in both realism and value for money.

It’s also interesting to note that if we compared our aircraft poll to the P3D version, the Zibo actually gained more votes than the PMDG 737 NGX. The PMDG NGX received 1476 votes, compared to the ZIBO Mod’s 1781. That is very impressive and shows how much the community values the ZIBO community.

Huge shout-out to Thomas Rasmussen and R1 Aviation for allowing me to use some of their footage on this project. Subscribe to the channel and ring the notification bell for more.

As always feedback is welcome in the comment section. Don’t forget to check our other top 5 videos like the recent Top 5 Airliners for P3d!

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