[UPDATE: Winners Announced] FSElite Giveaway: 29Palms Nuremburg (EDDN)

Nuremberg Giveaway


Thank you to everyone who took part in our giveaway. As always, a massive thanks to the guys at 29Palms for giving us the chance to give away a couple of copies.

We have two winners! Congratulations to Stefan F who won the random selection from the AviationLads Facebook page and also congratulations to Mark Oxley who won our comment section contest.

We’ll be in touch with both winners soon on how to claim the prize.


COMPETITION NOW CLOSED – In anticipation of the release of 29Palms and Captain7’s upcoming release of Nuremberg, we have teamed up with our friends at AviationLads to give the community a chance to win one of two copies!

The airport itself is looking very impressive already, and the official trailer below should give you a good idea on the final product when it releases on Monday 16th July.

To win, you have two opportunities.

1) Go to the AviationLads official Facebook page and give them a like. They’ll randomly select one person from everyone who likes their page and that lucky person will be the winner. So if you already have liked them, then you’ve got nothing else to do.

2) Comment down below with a reason as to why you should get a free copy. The person with the most “upvotes” from the community will win! This is providing that the comment doesn’t breach our terms and conditions, and actually is a “reason to win” – not just some random comment that people like. We may use our discretion to ensure the winner is chosen fairly. Also, don’t be ‘that person’ and just downvote every comment to try and increase your chances of winning. We will monitor it and any abuse and we’ll disqualify you. Finally, one comment per person will be counted. So make sure your first comment is your best one!

We’ll run the competition until Tuesday at 18:00z and pick the winner shortly after. We’ll then notify them as soon as possible.

Dont forget you will be agreeing to our privacy policy should you choose option 2. 

(If someone happens to be picked for both prizes, we’ll randomly pick a second person from the Facebook contest to ensure two different people win. It’s unlikely but to give you an answer before the question is asked)

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Calum Martin

The author Calum Martin

I have been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of '2000 and have been developing my love for aviation ever since. I have the knowledge and experience to really deliver an excellent aviation community. Although no real life flying experience, I have a good understanding and always learning more and more. | View My Specs

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Because 29Palms is high quality!

Andrew Thompson

Because P3D is better than X-Plane.

Of course some random comment is winning…….People…..(◔_◔)

Maxkillers “Maxkillers Gaming”

exclude me, I already bought it, but its nice as hell

Sven Kornetzky

Is having my birthday a good reason? Nothing much I did to earn it, but still a good reason. :-D. I would like to get it and use it on real world pilot training videos, which would be a kind of promotion. Have a great day guys.

Eirik Lundanes

Because i want it

This would be a very nice airport to have in Europe. Expanding my network is important and getting my first airport for Germany would be great! And an airport made by 29Palms is not wrong at all to have in Prepar3D v4. The rendition of this airport is fantastic and the amount of detail put into this is amazing!

Bcos i still use FSX

Because of the GNQ: Good, Nice, and Quality

Cause EDDN is my Homeport and i was waitin 2 years for that. I want to train my Heli skills in the surrounding!

Because now there’s a new reason to fly since football world cup and lying at the pool at 32°C TAT in germany

Because it’s another high quality destination to fly to.

Max Mustermann

I am Batman!

Richard Flens

Because im married! So flightsimming is all i have left

Erikas Batura

Because modelling of the airport is 10/10, its opening more routes for us simmers that we gonna enjoy a lot. And Nuremburg is second biggest airport after Munich, would be nice to see why is that 🙂

And in General it seems that 29Palms and guys at Captain7 did great job.

because the szenery is looking really nice and I’m rarely winning at competitions 😀

Never seen this developer before. Great to see more and more developers coming out and supporting our great hobby.

Roy Inge Nilsen

FsElite provide me the news form the flightsim world.

Beacuse why not

AviationLads the best..

Because i’ve never won anything, and it looks fresh. BTW i fly alot the AS crj so a new LH operated airport is welcome, specially in conjunction with the upcoming a320 by aerosoft. It also is part of those “looks great, runs great” airports because it’s not that big and so i won’t struggle to run it, a bit like EVRA by JS I presume 🙂

No matter if I win this or not, one thing is for sure. Everyone should buy this scenery. These guys deserve all our support and applause for what they created for us to enjoy.

Richard Benham

Oh damm pre txt on phones I have not got it

Richard Benham

Despite my e mail address I have never won a prize with it and also I have got it ….how’s that for right to the point …..and I am sure oc course I would love it ..

Hello everybody,

Yesterday I was watching Iron Maiden live in Madrid and it was AWESOME! These guys never run out of power and two of them are pilots.

Today I have no voice and I have to work in the evening……..IN LONDON! So here I am at the airport trying to get in a flight (I am flying on standby) to Heathrow but all of them are full and I will get destroyed if I don’t arrive on time so because I think I will get disciplinary punishment, I think I deserve a free copy of Nuremberg as a relief.

Have a nice day.

P.S: Even if I got punished, Iron Maiden was worth it.

Because I’m relatively new to flightsim and I don’t own any 3rd party airport. I’m building slowly my addon updates because money doesn’t grow on trees, but the passion yes. Everyday.

I would like to win as I would love to fly my brand new aerosoft a319 there 😉

I’ll give $100 to everyone who upvotes this post.

Oh wait…..i have to agree to FSElite’s privacy policy? Forget it…..downvote me instead!

Simon Stühlinger

My first ppl-a airport flight goes with a pa28 to Nürnberg from aschaffenburg

This software is my dream in the vietual world of flightsimming

Steve Ziegler

I was stationed in Nuremburg with the USA Army in the 1980’s and flew out of EDDN many times…It would be great to be able to see what the airport looks like now and enjoy it again in P3d…Thanks for this fine contest!

I’m the best… everything. Need i day more?

Maxkillers “Maxkillers Gaming”

stop trolling at trump, doesnt work on flight sim comments

The reason why I’d like to win this scenery is because I’m a newcomer to the P3D flight scene and I’m trying to build my scenery database and fly to airports that I may not have beforehand.

I support all developers regardless of their names or products. People work hard to bring these products to us (some ungrateful customers) but the FS community has come a long way in so many years and we need to appreciate their work, good or bad. I’m a don’t like dont buy person and just want to see this hobby succeed. As a student pilot myself i use most of these products to hone my skills and also enjoy some downtime. Win or lose, we need to support but also respect the devs and each other… .02 kroner.

Why I want to win? Well. First of all, even though Munich is my home airport, Nuremberg feels like home. I live about 1 hour away so not that far and of course, I was at Nuremberg several times. Second: Nuremberg was a big big big hub of my favourite airline airberlin. I spent hundreds of hours there, spotting airberlin planes, talking to colleagues, and waiting for my AB-Flight. Best part of the year: The (that´s how I call it) “Mini-Christmas-Tour”. Right through Germany, Austria and Switzerland together with good friends. Munich-Berlin-Dusseldorf-Vienna-Zurich-Hamburg-Nuremberg (The last tour:( ) Some by car, some by train, most by plane (of course with my beloved airberlin group). Nuremberg as the last station during the last tour. And then celebrating Christmas together with airberlin and Nuremberg Airport. (Well, now I gave you a little insight into my life as mamber of airberlin, as well as one of the biggest fans, and I told you, what makes Nuremberg so special for me and why I´d like to win a free copy. Hope you enjoyed reading through one of my personal big moments at Nuremberg Airport)

Apart from that, I´d like to wish everybody best of luck and many happy landings at this beautiful airport from Monday on.

Also big thanks to the team of 29 Palms and an even bigger thanks to Volker for bringing this long awaited airport to P3D V4.

Would love a free copy lost my job due to a accident at work. Don’t have money to buy this great scenery

Worthy choice there gentlemen

*fist pump in air*

Congratulations Mark Oxley!! Great choice of comment Calum Martin 🙂

Calum Martin

Congrats Mark. We’ll be in touch shortly to send you a free copy of the product! Glad to see your luck turned around with this.

If that is true then I really hope you win 🙂

i should get a free copy of Nuremburg because it would complement all the other sceneries I purchased from 29Palms and make my collection complete.

The visuals look great and I do not have much European scenery so it would spice things up a little more!

Karsten Lachnicht

I would like to get this free copy to improve the visuals with this great scenery in my A320 homecockpit!

Karsten, there are whining 16-year-olds sitting in front of their desks right now, dwelling about how they can’t afford to move to P3Dv4, because they can’t go work, because they are millenials.

With every single entry of one that can afford this scenery, a 16-year-old will kill one developer’s lust on developing new flight sim goodies. Dislike this comment to hinder extermination of the rare FS developer!!!

@Karsten Lachnicht

I could easily afford this scenery and will probably buy it in due course, for these reasons I am not entering this competition and letting others enter.

Karsten Lachnicht

Maybe, as probably everyone else here too. 😉 But why not to try to have some luck?

If you can afford to set up a A320 homecockpit then you can afford this scenery, don’t be cheap!

As per the elitist I am, I recently saw the movie Nuremberg (1961), and would therefore like to continue my elitist endavour by flying to this airport and gaze upon this historical place.

You got yourself a good opportunity to boast there – and you took it, I can respect that! I fail to see how that is not elitism, but then again, an elitist never admits they are elitists – just like hipsters. Anyway, I made a reasonable answer to the question by fselıte, contrary to other people here who seem to have mistaken the question entirely.

@Jens Rief

I am in my early 30s and one of my favorite actors is Humphrey Bogart – this doesn’t make me an “elitist”

Would you say that the average 28 year old moviegoer would watch this old black and white movie? I think you should look up the definition of the word elitist.

I don’t get your logic, how does watching that particular movie make you an elitist?

I’d love to win this product just so I can get myself to fly more in europe than america. More variety in my sim!

I would love to win it because if it wasn’t for bad luck i would have no luck at all.

Good luck people with winning yet another wonderfull 29 Palms edition.

I should win because I know this will be the topic with more comments but with fewer likes. And the scenery is amazing!

It’s my birthday on the 16th! <3

Why I would love to win it?

First and most important ( 🙂 )reason : Because it’s the most EXOTIC and ODD (in @lol’s opinion) airport I have ever heard about and it is located in the middle of nowhere . 😀

Second: Another good location for my European hops, especially now with the summer schedules to holiday resorts is always welcome.

I think I should win this because I have supported 29 Palms for years and have been loyal to fs elite

I want a free copy so I don’t have to pay (insert student money complain here) . Also I can write a story how much I love p3d and EDDN, but I won’t.

Well that is to say, a fantastic city where I study and work. airport that I use to go home and go back to Germany, fantastic..a second flying house is.

I have recently read about Hans Rudolf Wöhrl, who is the founder of Eurowings. He started his career in aviation at EDDN, when he founded the NFD (Nürnberger Flugdienst). He is one of my role models, because he combines both aviation and econimics. I was playing with the idea of buying the airport and recreating his first steps in our beautiful industry. Thank you for the many giveaways , keep it going !

I’m old and retired!! I won’t give a long winded response!! Bottom line ……. I have spent thousands in flightsimming!!!! It would be nice to win something!!!

Bogdan Bochkur

It looks like an airport, and I like airports. Give me an airport. Please.

I love flying, I am addicted to it and up until I was about 23 I had flown around the USA and UK more times than I can count. Sadly I have epilepsy, so therefore I will never get to fulfil my dream of becoming an airliner pilot. Gladly with the advances of modern technology my dreams have come true as I can still learn the procedures, policies and practises that airliner pilots need to do in the world of Flight Simulation. This year I am now a confident pilot and will be looking to join a virtual airways company soon, any suggestions I will gladly take, and I have spent thousands of pounds building the very best simulator most people would also dream of having. Therefore I am always seeking the best software to go with the hardware and existing software I have. This year tho I have said that purchases will be at a minimum as I tend to overspend on these things and I really do need to be sensible. SO I EITHER WIN THIS OR WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR TO BUY IT. I do hope I get the opportunity to win either of these prizes as they look fantastic!

Why should I win this scenery? I have to say, I dont know. Im just like every other avgeek and flight simmer, that just want to make his P3D as beautiful and realistic as possible with high quality sceneries and addons like this one. But remember. The most important thing is to enjoy the sim and it doesnt matter what computer or addons do You have. I wish everyone good luck in this competition and I hope You have a great day! Take care.

Maxkillers “Maxkillers Gaming”

I have used a their skiathos and gergeous samos scenery alot and would like to add this one to the collection, paid or free, but actually winning something for once would prove too me friends that I don’t have the devil’s luck ^.^

Simply because it looks so good…

Alberto Garbin

i’de like to receive this wonderful EDDN because i lived there for about one year and i flew a lot of times in and out. And plus 29Palms is my favourite developer!

I think i should get those codes cause i really enjoy flying in simulatos, what leads me to became a real pilot, which is my entire life passion.

Timm Rehberg (xTiMm_)

EDDN is missing for so long in P3D and I wait so much for this scenery to finally be able to fly out of EDDN!

If I will win, I will stream my next flights all from EDDN and show of the brilliant scenery! 🙂

Philipp Kreft

I never got something for free, I want to test the free copy and share my love with many Screenshots. 🙂

I would like to have a free copy because I plan to use it quite a bit. Whenever I buy something I put it to good use immediately. It’ll help expand my route network as I tend to operate flights that you might see in real life. Hopefully someday I’ll be flying into the real airport as a pilot!

Considering it Germany, Yes please. wink

If I get a free copy, then I will secretly fly my rich-af ex-GF’s private jet into the airport and destroy everything there, along with her jet. But since I didn’t have to pay for the scenery, I’ve got nothing to lose. wink wink

Ich würde mich über den Key freuen, da ich Nürnberger bin und bisher keine Scenery für Nürnberg in P3D besitze. 🙂