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As you now know, Navigraph were kind enough to give use the chance to be part of the closed beta for their new chart system. This includes a brand new charts cloud system that allows you to track your flights progress as well as have a clear representation of your route. Covering the whole globe, there is no limit as to how and where you wish to use this new system. Although primarily designed to work with larger airports, small GA airports are also available providing much more diversity to the operational use of this product. The biggest change to note with the new system is that the chart provider has moved away from the LIDO charts that we have become used to over the years to Jeppesen. Although the changes are not overly significant, the new layout and design of the charts will be noticable. The benefit of using these new Jeppesen charts? A far greater expanse of airports are now supported.

As you can tell from the pictures above, the new look of Navigraph is signifcantly different to what were are currently acustom to. A sleaker design has been introduced creating a more attractive experience when using the new system. Allowing you to seamlesly change from one airport to another. Out of all the new great features implemented, my favourite has to be the en-route chart mapping. The system that allows you to view your flight plan in a visual format without having to use PFPX or Avlasoft EFB. Both products that seem to get in the way for me personally when trying to fly. This product is far less intrusive as it can be used on your browser or even on a tablet. At this current stage only Android is supported by IOS support will be coming. Why not check out our other Navigraph Exclusive showing off the charts application on an Android tablet. The new visual route display system is very simple to use and setup. All you need is a route, your departure, destination and one or more alternate. One thing to make not of though is that you must make sure the route matches the specification that Navigraph supply otherwise it will be unable to generate. The option to import a .PLN file is also included which allows you to generate a flight plan in PFPX or SimBrief and then place it straight into the system without any hassle.


From what I have seen so far, Navigraph have created an excellent product. I especially look forward to trying out the IOS app as and when that is released. I would like to thank Navigraph for inviting me to take part in this beta. There will certainly be more to come from both Calum and I as we perform more testing on this product and as more features role out. For now you can follow the progress of this product both on our site and on Navigraph’s Facebook Page.

At this time I would also like to use our wide audience platform to provide a caution. The link for this beta has been spread around the flight sim community over the last couple of days. This beta is in fact a CLOSED BETA. Meaning that only those who have been invited by Navigraph should be using it. So if people could try to refrain from sharing it, that would make Navigraph’s life a lot easier. Thank you.


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