FSElite Event: West Coast Dash – San Diego <-> San Francisco

Westcoastdash Feb (1)

We’re excited to announce our first ever group flight event occurring on February 24th 2018 @ 2100z. We understand that the time may be a little inconvenient for those of you living in Eastern Europe and beyond, so we’re already planning on bringing an event to Europe/Eastern Asia! This is a VATSIM event.

We’re also very excited that Orbx have been kind enough to sponsor the event! This means a bit closer to the event, they have kindly agreed to offer their San Diego product at a generous discount to encourage as many of you as possible to take part in the event! More details on discount and dates available will be provided soon.

Right, so the event details. Let’s be realistic, no one really knows how many people we’re going to expect. We could have 20 aircraft or 200. So we ask that you follow some of the guidelines listed below so we can have this event go as smooth as possible.

Callsigns will no doubt be an issue seeing as how only United, Alaska, and Southwest serve this city pair. If you happen to get a RW callsign, consider yourself lucky. Otherwise we recommend you use your birthday in place of the flight number (January 29th = SWA129).

ZLA has asked that we provide you all with the following routes for you to expect and file:

San Francisco [KSFO/SFO] to San Diego [KSAN/SAN]

Arrivals are highly encouraged to use the COMIX1 arrival and prepare for the RNAV Z RWY 27 approach or a visual.

San Diego [KSAN/SAN] to San Francisco [KSFO/SFO]

If San Diego is departing east, use the ECHOO2 departure.

In order to help facilitate aircraft smoothly between both airports, I’ve promised to provide an estimate of how many pilots to expect to the participating ARTCCs. Please fill out the following form. None of the info you provide will be kept, it’ll only be used to verify your VATSIM CIDs.

Join us on the FSElite discord during the event by following this link: or follow us along on the FSElite Twitch!

We’ll update you all with additional information as the event date nears.


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