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LIVE From FSC2017 – X-Plane (Starts at 14:30z)

X Plane

Welcome to the FSElite Live from FlightSimCon 2017.

We’ll be updating this post regularly with any information, news or interesting facts as the event goes on. Refresh this page often for the latest news. Also, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for live updates.

This post will be updated live for the X-Plane, which starts at 14:30 zulu.

What is this event?

“Austin Meyer, creator of X-Plane, along with a team of developers from Laminar Research, provide an overview of the X-Plane 11 development platform and information about the future of the flight simulator.”


  1. A vertical take off and landing plane is being created using X-Plane. It is being built for a billionaire customer who wants a vehicle that can transport 3D printed organs in emergencies. X-Plane was chosen based upon its advanced physics engine.
  2. New buildings for for their gateway scenery airports including hangars, air traffic control towers, clutter objects and barriers.
  3. New autogen across the globe. This includes some very cool features such as Tower Bridge opening and closing in London as well as Big Ben tracking the time in the sim. Other coverage areas include Sydney and Las Vegas.
  4. Better support for VR. Simpler to use and easier to set up with more functionality.
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