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Developer Month: FlightFactor – The Best X-Plane Airliners?

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The month of March is special for the team at FSElite, we are dedicating this month to the developers! A way of saying thanks for all the continuous development of products that really make flight simulation a truly unique and captivating experience. This article covers one of the most popular developers for X-Plane, a sim not heavily focused on here, but that’s about to change.


The Team

To the P3D/FSX community, FlightFactor might be a little shy of the limelight, but in X-Plane, they are the best in Airline simulation.

FlightFactor Aero is a team of experienced designers from across the world. It all began in 2011 when Roman, or “Ramzzess” as he is better known by in the community, and Phillip teamed up to create FlightFactor. Roman is best known for the stunning 3D modelling presented in the FlightFactor aircraft, utilizing the SASL engine to create stunning visuals and effects that bring the aircraft to life. Phillip on the other hand is better known for meticulously crafting the plugins and avionics and ultimately detailing the systems to address the hardcore sim enthusiasts.

Together, the team has over 15 years of experience creating models for X-Plane and will remain to continue creating high quality planes for X-Plane.



The Planes

Over the years, FlightFactor have produced some of the most detailed and beautiful planes X-Plane has ever seen. Here are some of the highlights:

Boeing 767/757

Undoubtedly the most detailed and best looking model of the Boeing 757 and 767 known to simulation. Everything from the sound and lighting to the flight model and visuals is programmed to perfection. The aircraft are fully licensed by Boeing, which should indicate the study level nature of the simulation. These aircraft without doubt match the PMDG quality on the P3D/FSX side of things, and ultimately represent the pinnacle of the FlightFactor development team.

Boeing 777 Series

One of FlightFactor’s oldest models, the huge Boeing 777. This plane has been around the years of X-Plane and has proven its use even in 2017. The FlightFactor team continuously keep working on updating their old beast, making it now compatible with X-Plane 11. Just like they revamped the 757, the 777 is bound to updated to what easily will match the PMDG counterpart.

Airbus A350

The FlightFactor team is well known for its success in Boeing aircraft, but it’s also worth mentioning their great effort in the new Airbus. At this stage, the aircraft is still unfinished missing some features in the FMC, but the overall modelling and systems detail is impressive. Many have been waiting for an A350 model to be released to the flight simulator community, FlightFactor delivered the A350 and are continuously working on developing it to the level of their Boeing aircraft.


I remember when first starting with X-Plane, the first ever airline model I picked up was the FlightFactor Boeing 757 v1, the most old school model from them. Despite what is now considered less than new graphics, it still looked and functioned better than any other 757 for simulators. The countless hours hopping around the world in the 757 brought me excitement and a sense of nostalgia to the few times I have traveled in a real Boeing 757. FlightFactor really hit the mark strong with their first product and continued to create and develop excellent planes for X-Plane. To this day, I fly all of their planes and they are always the go to choice for when I need to decide which plane to fire up for a flight.


FlightFactor have created stunning models for the X-Plane community and their work has not gone unnoticed. The future of X-Plane is bright with the continuous development and support from FlightFactor, and we are eager to see what comes next.

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