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REX Developer Month

Welcome to Developer Month 2019Between April 8th and May 8th 2019, we will feature a variety of developers, publishers, community personalities and more who will tell us their story. From written interviews and blog posts to video interviews and more, we have curated a range of interesting content to maybe even inspire you to be one of these developers in future years. Please enjoy Developer Month 2019 as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.

We couldn’t have put together Developer Month without the support of all the developers & publishers involved. Also, huge thanks to Thrustmaster for their assistance in sponsoring Developer Month.

April 19th: REX Game Studios (Blog)

The below was written by Tim and Reed from REX Game Studios. Their journey from humbling beginnings to where they are today is an interesting story. They also discuss how they came up with the name REX and more. Enjoy.

In the beginning…..

Back in 2006, there were just two of us, and we were very excited about where Flight Simulation was going. We both felt that the genre could use a serious facelift in regards to the environment.

REX is actually a culmination of two companies and was originally derived from a long-ago freeware project created by Tim Fuchs called Real Environment Pro (which still holds the record for most downloaded freeware utility).

How did it all get started…

Real Environment Xtreme was the brainchild of Tim Fuchs and Reed Stough (who rose to weather engine fame for one of the first weather utilities, Weather Maker Pro). Tim was looking for new ways to integrate the texture side of development into the weather aspect, thus creating a more robust and cohesive experience. When realizing Reed lived in the same city, it was then that Tim decided to approach Reed with his proposition. Upon meeting, they both concluded their interests aligned and REX was born.

Interesting note: The name REX was not only chosen for its derivative acronym, but based on the latin term “king”, which is… you got it, ‘REX’!

Since then the REX team has grown considerably, and as a company, we are constantly looking at our strengths and weaknesses and are trying to improve on that daily. Our focus has always been to push the limits and give our customers the most realistic experience possible. Our combined goals have been focused around a forward-looking strategy, strive to improve on what we have done in the past. Our direction from day one, and still to this day, is to provide the best environment possible as a whole within the simulator.

Times are changin’…

Since starting out in this genre, the landscape has changed dramatically. However there are immutable facts that we hold true to our hearts, and no matter how the foundation moves, nothing can take away from our proven years of rock solid product quality, long term dedication, bold brand image and a dedicated community foundation.


Our company motto says it best: “REX Game Studios is a 21-time award-winning global leader in environment simulation software with connections to consumers, businesses, commercial enterprises and institutions worldwide”… and that ain’t no joke.

Shhhhhh, the makings of…

We are blessed daily with being able to interact with different folks around the world, whether on social media, phone calls, business meetings or simple day-to-day customer support. We are often asked what goes into making our products. We have a very dedicated team of individuals with the same goal in mind of bringing quality products to the consumer. The process typically starts out with our analyzation and definition phase, where we can all pool our ideas together and define key features of the project. After agreed upon ideas are solidified, we begin our design phase, where each group takes its assigned parts and sets the stage for development. Once all the assets have been designed and approved we move into the development phase, at which point our sales and marketing team is already working on a marketing plan.

Once development is complete we move into several branches of debugging phases, starting with internal alpha testing. Once alpha testing has been approved, we involve our beta testing and quality control team. After several phases of beta testing has been completed, we finalize testing with our RC (release candidate) version. In the pre-deployment phase, our marketing team is putting together the assets to provide to our software distributors.

Our support staff is finalizing the product user manual as well as organizing our support forum structure. Once the debug phase has been completed, we compile the product for final packaging and distribution and upload to our various vendors. Once the marketing team approves all the vendor’s presentation of the product we move into the final stage of deployment where the marketing campaign moves into various forms.

The Future…

We are continuing to research different avenues of interest to the Flight Simulation community.

Stay tuned.


You can check out REX Game Studios’ store here.

Thank you once again to both Tim and Reed from REX for taking part.

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Stay tuned as Developer Month continues tomorrow. Tomorrow’s developer will be a big one… Lockheed Martin – developer of Prepar3D.

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