Our Favourite and Cool Aviation Everyday Objects

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On our private channel, Patrick shared an image of a cool beer dispenser which used a Boeing throttle quadrant to pull the delicious drink into your glass. It was really cool and I spent some time then looking through the internet to find some cool aviation everyday objects.

The definition of cool is subjective, but hopefully you’ll agree on most of these in here.

Boeing Beer

Who doesn’t enjoy a good beer after a long day of flying? Even better, they’re designed using Boeing’s throttle handles. What we can’t tell is if the more ‘thrust’ you use, the more powerful the pump. Sadly, I don’t think reverse thrust will suck the beer back up for the tank.

Biplane Bunk-Bed

The perfect bed for kids who love aircraft and aviation. This biplane inspired bed uses the two tier wings for a comfortable and stylish bed. I’m more curious to see if that prop spins round. Either way, classy and very practical. I wonder if there’s any adult versions around…

Engine Table

Stylish, elegant and perfect for any modern house. Using the blades from a jet engine, it supports a glass surface to make an excellent coffee table. It looks exceptionally well made with lots of polish used to allow light to gleam in all directions. I imagine this will be the talk of many dinner parties to come.

DC-10 Engine Bed

Forgot the hot woman lying suggestively and focus more on the DC-10 engine she’s resting in. That’s right, someone has converted old engine parts to create a luxury bed. Perfect for a quick spoon and snuggle. I’m not sure on the reflection of the metal, as that would be a scary view to wake up to on any morning.


Fuselage Bench

At work, there are plenty of these around. They provide an excellent use of older parts of scrap to create space to hold meetings and other social events. The windows allow a sense of privacy, yet allow people to see if the bench is occupied or not. You can also get these with actual airline seats installed also if that’s more your thing.

Safety Card Emergency Drinks Menu

Not so much an every day object, but Los Angeles bar, Now Boarding, uses various aviation themes to create a great, atmospheric restaurant. This is probably the coolest part of their set as a safety card style is used for their drinks menu.

Aviation Ceiling Fans

Another every day object turned into something very cool. 2 examples here of it done right. The first uses the biplane architecture to become aviation-related. The second one I think looks even cooler as it has been painted to appear like it is crashing through the roof.

Runway Lighting

Runways need lighting and so do our rooms. These old taxi/runway lights will light up any room with the soft glow you’d expect. They looks very cool and work well in any room.

Garden Shed Fuselage

Costing £25,000 so probably not suitable for everyone, this old aircraft fuselage has been converted into a luxury garden shed with lovely interior. Despite the cost, this is my favourite because it still retains the original parts whilst being renovated to suit a new purpose.


Hope you enjoyed. If there’s anything you agree with, let us know in the comments. Also, if there’s anything you love, then link us as I’d love to know what you think.


Biplane Bunk Bed –

Engine Table –

DC-10 Engine Bed and Fuselage Bench –

Safety Card Emergency Drinks Menu –

Garden Shed Fuselage –






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