FSElite Holiday Raffle Week 1 – Winners Confirmed

Fselite Holiday Raffle Week1

The first week for the FSElite Holiday Raffle has concluded and all winners have been emailed. In total, 50 prizes were given away from those who entered the raffle and the emails have been sent to those lucky enough to win with instructions on how to claim the prize. If your name/username appears below, be sure to check your email (and spam) for instructions.

If you weren’t so lucky with the first week, our second week of prizes (over 50) is now open. Head to our original post to see which prizes are available for you to potentially win.


James R
Matthew R
Tom S
Jingyi L
Justin P
Mike P
Matthew W
Jackson L
Peter E


Austin J
Joseph K
Stefano A
Einar S


Bryan T
Maciej M
Lassi Z
Zander T
Daniel M

Honeycomb Aeronautical

Joshua K
Matt B
Jamie B
Kevin S
Tomas Z

WF Scenery Studio

Graeme W
Cameron H
Tim R

A2A Simulations

Dani O
Bryan T
Cliff S
Tom S
Jimmy S
Jeremy L
Bashar A


Florian DH

Pilot Plus

Sebastian R
Oliver E
Maikel V

Immersive Audio

Sean C
Frederik M
Jamie B

Drzewiecki Design

Yona G
Jacek S
Henrik F

Pilot Experience Sim

Paul A
Krzysztof J
Joseph K


Pascal D


We want to thank all of those developers involved with the first week of our Holiday Raffle. Without their support, none of this would have been possible.

Thank you to you as a community, also, for supporting us and helping us to continue to grow. This is just our way of saying thank you and returning that support.


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