ZIBO Mod Version 3.39 Released

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The ZIBO Mod Developers have released their latest update regarding their 737-800NG for X-Plane 11. This update adds quite a few patches, new systems, and features.


To kick things off, the MCP lights for the LNAV/VNAV arming prior to TOGA has seen some adjustments as well as the TOGA system in general. The white bug for TO and APP have been tweaked as well. A new initial flight model by Twkster has been updated to 4.0. Sticking with flight model related things, a new payload page with zones and cargo zones have been added to better populate the aircraft with passengers and cargo. For the 737NG, there are a total of 6 cargo “pits”. 3 in the front and 3 in the aft. So this new feature allows the user to load a certain amount of bags in certain areas of the cargo hold. ZIBO devs have rewritten the code for the ground vehicles that come with the aircraft. From the GPU to the fuel truck, they have managed to save about 400 MB of VRAM which will help with users with lower-end systems.


Version 3.39 of the ZIBO mod 737 is available on the zibomod Google Drive. Be sure to check out The ZIBO Community Facebook page for updates and previews of future projects.

Bug Fixes:

  • Code for airways
  • LDA Approach – FMC/PFD
  • TOGA – takeoff
  • Payload page
  • FMC Performance page
  • Payload to aircraft
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