ZIBO 737-800X Mod Updated to Version 3.41

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The ZIBO 737-800X Mod has been updated to version 3.41. The freeware 737-800 for X-Plane 11 has seen numerous updates since the release with this being a full new version based on feedback from the community. The new update includes numerous additions and a number of fixes.

For new additions, version 3.41 includes a standalone option to sync ISDF Baro, along with the option for flight director HDG SEL for take off, along with a new checklist file for the Xchecklist plugin. Along with those minor additions, various systems within the autopilot, MCP and FMC. Furthermore, some of the xlua script files have been optimised further.

As always, you can download the ZIBO 737-800X mod for free from the Google Drive account.

Thanks to Ron for the tip.

Updated 3.41

  • Fixed critical bug in obj file (issue no wings)
  • Corrected AP, FD, MCP, FMC and some systems by input RL pilot – Thanks to @unsafe05
  • Corrected ND and ISFD include ISFD bootup sequence – Thanks to @MaxNGX
  • Corrected landing gear struct damp by @Twkster
  • Add checklist file for Xchecklist plugin – Thanks to @vin_KaiZen (Marvin Z.)
  • Corrected and improved systems (fuel temperature, window temperature, flameout,…)
  • Add standalone option for sync ISDF Baro – OFF/Captain/First Offcier (see EFB)
  • Add option INIT REF SMART (on/off) in EFB
  • Add option Flight director HDG SEL for Takeoff (on/off) in EFB
  • Transfered and optimised xlua script files to c++ code (annunciates.lua, aniice.lua,, comms.lua, fire.lua, gear.lua, chrono.lua, lighting.lua, switches.lua, systems.lua, trim.lua)
  • Fixed code for shift CG (dynamic CG)
  • Fixed bugs
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