xVision Tweak Tool Released


It’s been a huge week for the team behind the new xVision tool for X-Plane 11. The hype surrounding the product picked up some pace when a video showing the capabilities of the tool was posted to YouTube. Since then, Andrew and Yuri (the latter who was responsible for the original PTA for Prepar3D) have been busy testing the tool ahead of a planned release.

Their hopes to release the tool as a payware utility were dashed today, however, when they were informed of a planned massive overhaul to X-Plane’s codebase in 11.30 that would render the tool redundant. As a result, Andrew and Yuri have released xVision immediately as a freeware tool. The release will be available until the release of X-Plane 11.30.

The tool is reminiscent of the tweaks we saw to Prepar3D when PTA was first released, and is capable of doing much more than just that, with the team claiming that the tool is able to modify the appearance of many elements in the world around you in your sim, all while remaining compatible with popular weather addons such as xEnviro and Ultra Weather XP.

If you’re looking to check out xVision and tweak your X-Plane installation until your heart’s content, head to the xVision website.

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