XPRealistic Updated to Version 2

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XPRealistic for X-Plane has been rewritten from scratch and updated to version 2 by developer rkApps.

Version 2 is Vulkan ready and contains improved VR support, a new user interface, as well as a number of bug fixes. Also, it’s no longer Lua-script based, but a standalone plugin.

More than 38 real-life scenario effects, with now over 122 different sound files for airport ambience, brakes, ground effects, winds, natural movements, winds and lots more have been added to increase the sense of realism. For each option, you can determine the amount of movement you want, this includes how hard you sneeze, and you can choose from a selection of different sound sets from the brand new interface. Each aircraft has its own profile within XPRealistic and you can copy and link profiles to an aircraft, which had to be done manually in previous versions. X-Camera and Track-IR are supported and there’s an improved beta version for users who fly in VR. Multi-monitor setup is available with no impact on frame rate.

If you purchased the previous version of this plugin via the XPRealistic website, the upgrade is free of charge. If you purchased a copy through any other outlets, the upgrade fee is $4.99 including VAT. If you would like to purchase XPRealistic, you can head over to the X-Plane Store webpage and get a copy for $34.99 including VAT, or download a 7-day trial.

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