Canada4XPlane Previews Quebec City Jean Lesage Airport

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Canada4XPlane has previewed on the X-Plane forums their rendition of the Quebec City International Airport for X-Plane 11. The previews show general overviews of the airport and surrroundings and texture and modelling details of the airport. The scenery is a representation of the airport only, since there is already a freeware Quebec scenery that includes Quebec City for X-Plane (available here).

Pilots familiar with Canad4Xplane product should be aware that this is the first project that will only be compatible with X-Plane 11 ONLY, whereas their previous products where designed for both X-Plane 10 and 11.

The developer further stated that their scenery is currently finished and in beta testing. The expected release price is $22.99 and is subject to modification.

The Jean Lesage airport is the second international gateway to the Quebec Province of Canada. While it handles only 1.6 million passengers per year, it sees international traffic to Europe, Mexico and the USA. It has two runways and can handle heavy aircraft. It has recently seen upgrading work to in that matter. The airport also has a small dedicated plane spotting area near runway 24 threshold.

Expected features are

  • HD ground textures
  • 3d volumetric grass
  • Stunning airport vegetation
  • All custom markings and taxiways
  • All custom ground and taxiway textures
  • Hand placed lighting and runway features
  • All custom buildings and airport facilities
  • Autogate jetway system
  • Stunning dynamic lighting
  • Photo realistic ground textures (Airport property only)

Prepar3D and FSX users might want to give a look to the MFSG version of Quebec City Jean Lesage (CYQB) airport that was released about a month ago.

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