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Initially announced in the Audio for VATSIM beta Discord, the developers over at xPilot have released the public beta of their much-anticipated X-Plane 11 pilot client for VATSIM.

xPilot is the next generation of X-Plane pilot clients, with a very similar user interface to vPilot, there’s no doubt that xPilot is just as easy and intuitive to navigate and operate.

Some features of xPilot include the aforementioned intuitive design, simple model matching using the CSL model matching library and ease of use.


You can grab a hold of the latest beta version of xPilot, v1.1.0.1, over at their website ( You can dive into the documentation here in case you need help with configuration or plugin settings within X-Plane.

Currently, there appears to be no way to report user-found bugs directly to the developers. We’ll update this article as soon their support form is linked in the xPilot documentation.

To obtain support for xPilot and to report bugs, visit their dedicated board on the VATSIM forum.

Updated on 16/10/19: Added support forum link.

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