XFirstOfficer Version 1.9.0 Released

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XFirstOfficer, a copilot plugin developed by ParrotSim, has released yet another update for the popular free plugin for X-Plane 11.

One of the features this plugin offers is full user customisation, such as the ability to create custom briefings which can be performed by the copilot using both text and existing X-Plane datarefs. The new version 1.9.0 adds departure and approach voice briefings to the C172SP procedures as well as fixes to a number of crashes that were reported in the previous version.

You can visit the ParrotSim forum for the full feature list and installation instructions for the plugin.

V 1.9.0 ChangeLog

  • Add basic parsing warnings (delimiter errors, invalid numbers)
  •  Add custom dynamic text strings (used in messages, information window or as expressions)
  •  Add text string editor
  • Add log messages for delimiter and invalid number errors
  • Add operators for text string comparison
  • Fix crash when an invalid number is parsed
  • Automatic dataref options based on dataref type in editor
  • Add support for byte array datarefs (also in Set dataref items)
  • Extract and replace single characters in byte array datarefs
  • Extract and replace numbers in byte array datarefs
  • Support signed numbers when extracting/replacing in byte array datarefs
  • Improved number extraction/replacement in byte array datarefs
  • Add byte array dataref support to Number input element in custom windows
  • Fix crash when moving a condition between different procedures/monitors
  • Added departure and approach voice briefings to C172SP procedures
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