XFirstOfficer Version 1.7.0 Released

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The latest verison of the popular XFirstOfficer plugin for X-Plane 11 has been released.  Developer ParrotSim took to the X-Plane forums to make the announcement, as well as to explain the numerous changes made to the freeware software.

XFirstOfficer can best be explained as X-Plane’s answer to FS2Crew in that it aims to fully simulate an intelligent and dynamic virtual copilot within you favourite aircraft. The simulation involved is extensive and the copilot is able to perform a multitude of functions including but not limited to reading checklists, monitoring background parameters, turning knobs to a specified value, toggling switches, extracting FMC data, pushing buttons and reading callouts. ParrotSim have even gone so far as to allow the copilot to perform a number of non-normal prodcedures, an exmaple of which can be seen below.

Probably the greatest appeal of the plugin, however, is the inclusion of an editor that allows users to create profiles for other aircraft. While most of the changes in this latest version focus on the default profile for the Cessna 172SP, packages for popular addons including the Zibo 737 and FlightFactor 767 have already been released.

XFirstOfficer can be downloaded for free from the X-Plane forum, there is also a sub forum dedicated to user-made aircraft profiles. A full changelog for version 1.7.0 can be found below and for future developments and updates, stay tuned to FSElite.

1.7.0 Changelog

  •  Added a progress bar on the information window to show the procedure progress
  •  Procedures and monitors can be executed from the editor
  •  Added approach altitude callouts to C172SP included procedures
  • Added go around procedure to C172SP included procedures
  • Multiple conditions can be used to trigger a monitor or in items
  • The copilot can now perform mathematical operations
  • The C172SP copilot warns you if icing is expected at the lowest cloud layer (using ISA 2°C/1000FT)
  • Ability to extract numbers from FMC lines


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