xEnviro 1.09 Released

Cessna 172SP 8

Hot on the tails of the much-anticipated xEnviro 1.0.8 update, the world was introduced to xEnviro 1.0.9, an incremental update to the large changes made by v1.0.8, including the inclusion of crepuscular rays, cloud shadows, and an option to enable/disable the new crepuscular rays. The full changelog is provided here:

Version 1.09  (April 17th 2018)

### Added

– Cloud shadows

– Checkbox to display crepuscular rays

– Crepuscular rays### Changed

– Blending for overcast layer adjusted to avoid early terrain clipping

### Removed

– Cloud shadows distance slider removed

The update can be downloaded and installed from all digital retailers of xEnviro. If you’re new to the xEnviro platform, go ahead and check it out here

Credit to our own David Waldron Jr for covering this news!

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