xEnviro 1.08 Released

Cessna 172SP 10

After many development delays, as well as a traumatic personal event for developer Andrey Sheybak, the highly anticipated 1.08 update to xEnviro has been released.

The long drawn-out update brings with it a large re-write to the weather engine, which means a large changelog, but users can expect improvements right throughout their atmospheric experience.
Changes include a new turbulence model, greater cloud varieties, scenery lights no longer being visible through clouds, sun glare, and much more. For the full change log, see the bottom of this article.

Existing users should note that due to a new agreement on the sales of xEnviro, this update may not be available through the previously purchased channel. Your licence will remain valid, however, you will need to download the update from the xEnviro homepage.
Users wishing to purchase the software now that the long-awaited update has arrived can do so via the “BUY” tab on the product website.


### [Known issues]
- Freezing during initial start up
- Camera zoom is not supported by the volume rendered atmosphere.
- Incorrect camera angle inside 3D cockpit.
- Rough objects edges at mid and low resolutions

### [1.08]
### Added
- Cloud and atmosphere resolution slider.
- Cloud complexity slider to adjust the amount of detailed cloud puffs. 
- New, volume rendered atmosphere. 
- Rain intensity dataref.
- Snow intensity dataref.
- Terrain surface condition dataref.
- Windshield precipitation effect and corresponding checkbox added.
- Post-processing shader is back.
- Sun glare.
- Camera lens flare effect.
- Checkbox to display or remove lens flare effect.
- Seasonal data now calculated and accumulated on the server.
- Terrain surface condition data now calculated and accumulated on the server.
- xEnviro now publishes seasonal data for the scenery developers. Details can be found in the SDK.
- Moon with position and phase based on the current system date and time.

### Changed
- Turbulence model adjusted to have less evenly distributed areas of the same air velocity. 
- DSF drawing distance has been increased to hide sharp visible edge under the distant haze coverage.
- Maximum haze blending distance adjusted to hide the DSF edge.
- Cloud texture map have been changed to include only the basic shapes allowing for more cloud varieties.
- Cloud shadow and tone maps have been moved to the separate cloud noise texture.
- Cloud transparency model is now based on the noise chart. Clouds will grow up more naturally and solid clouds will not be transparent anymore.  
- Cloud shapes and forms are based on dynamic flow noise with smooth animation and transformation. 
- Haze model adjusted to match all the calculated turbidity levels.
- Plugin architecture has been re-arranged for deferred rendering.
- X-Plane internal visibility limit adjusted to hide distant lights in low visibility conditions.

### Removed
- X-Plane scattering level slider removed.
- Minimum drawing distance slider removed. This distance now set in the middle between detailed and maximum drawing distances. 
- Cloud brightness slider. Cloud brightness is fully controlled by scattering and light equations.
- Cloud shadows temporary removed.
- Old, based on layers, atmosphere has been removed.
- Upper atmosphere checkbox.
- Lower atmosphere checkbox.
- City lights temporary removed.

### Fixed
- Surface friction procedures amended to avoid aircraft sliding.
- Scenery lights no more visible through the clouds.
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