XCodr Designs Debuts Sedona UHD Update With Giveaway

Showcasing their latest work in a video in the forum, X-Codr Designs has released version 1.5 of their Sedona UHD scenery package for X-Plane 11.

Originally released in 2017 as payware, this brand new substantial version is a free upgrade for all existing users. In addition to this, X.Codr Designs are partnering with TwitchTV broadcaster BradM to give away a copy of Sedona this Thursday (February 28th) at 6:15 EST (3:15 PST).

Lots of brand new features are included with this release. All Sedona (KSEZ) airport buildings have had major improvements along with the surrounding area receiving a major overhaul . A brand new “lite” version of Sedona town is also included featuring hand placed buildings and performance optimised autogen.

Another interesting feature is the inclusion of their new Technology X plugin with SoundXP for dynamic scenery sounds for Windows 10 users.

The full feature list can be found below.

If you do not already own this product then you can grab a copy at Sedona UHD is available for $19.95.

Feature List

Ultra-detailed airport

  • Detailed buildings, most with a texture resolution of four pixels per inch
  • Detailed PBR Normal maps add detail and stunning lighting effects
  • Realistic HDR Lighting dynamically illuminates the airport
  • Several buildings feature interiors, with the restaurant being the most detailed
  • Ultra HD ground textures with normal maps for incredible reflections.
  • Ultra HD decals add incredible detail to orthophotos without significant tiling
  • Two of the hangars feature animated doors and detailed interiors

X-Codr Designs Scenery Technology X plugin

  • Includes SoundXP technology (Windows 10 Only)
  • Ambient airport sounds such as birds and a light breeze
  • Dynamic sounds for restaurant interior
  • Dynamic sounds play when a hangar door is opening or closing
  • Includes Particle Access XP which allows the use of the X-Plane 11.3 particle system in scenery for things like dynamic fire (Windows and Mac Only)

Custom “Lite” town of Sedona

  • Performance optimized autogen
  • Majority of buildings made custom to fit into the local environment
  • Hand placed buildings for the entire town, closely their real footprints

Detailed natural surroundings

  • Custom accurate forest coverage
  • Sparse performance optimized 3D grass and shrubbery
  • Detailed 3D rocks and downed trees
  • Custom renditions of some local landmarks
  • Courthouse Butte
  • Cathedral Rock
  • Midgley Bridge

Custom Ultra HD Ortho4XP Mesh

  • Ultra HD definition ten-meter height data (Courtesy NinjaWithGuitar)
  • Custom runway slope and airport mesh
  • Stunning ZL17 and ZL18 colour corrected photo scenery around Sedona
  • Overlay sourced from UHD Mesh v4 (Courtesy Andras Fabian, aka Alpilotx)


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