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Dubbed as the “next generation” environmental plugin for X-Plane 11, the development team has confirmed that they intend on releasing xAmbience Pro within the next few weeks. Coming from HST on their website, a new weekly report revealed plenty of new details about the product and what stages the team needs to go through first before releasing the product.

On the blog post, the team said there are two elements of the product left to be completed. The first is a system to mix samples of clouds to ensure they don’t repeat; and also some debugging functions. In addition to the new details, a series of screenshots highlighting how xAmbience Pro will enhance the simulator was also shared.

Whilst the screenshots are impressive, HST were keen to make customers aware that a “lot of work on optimization, modernization of all plugin processes” have been included. This should ensure that performance is smooth for all users, but a series of tests is ongoing to ensure this is the case.

Unlike other developers, HST is being very transparent about its release process. The team confirmed that they plan to finish the product within the next week or so before then going on a testing spree. During this time, the team will preview the product with a series of previews, send copies to the press and then eventually release it to the public.

Following on from a public release, HST will work on bringing 3D clouds to the product. In fact, HighSkyTeam said that the 3D clouds will be compatible with future editions of X-Plane. Edit: HST has removed the X-Plane 12 mention. A preview of it in action was also shared on the blog post.


Over the next few weeks, the team will continue to provide updates and information including a new weekly report on April 18th and a look at the Q2 development report on April 22nd 2021. We’ll be sure to follow the progress and report back to you.

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