X-Trident Releases Chinook CH-47D

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Renown aircraft developer, X-Trident, has released their latest aircraft, the Boeing CH-47D Chinook for X-Plane. 

The Chinook is is a twin-engined heavy-lift helicopter capable of lifting over 10 tonnes of mixed cargo using its tandem rotor system. The Chinook first flew in 1961 after heavy design modifications from the earlier Vertol Model 107. Today, over 1200 aircraft have been built and operated by the military in over 20 countries. British Airways famously used the CH-47 to shuttle passengers to and from offshore oil platforms in the early 1980s.

X-Trident has created the Chinook to include a highly detailed 3D model with lots of attention to the rotor system, cockpit and various animated doors and load outs. The helicopter is equipped with FMOD sounds with multiple user profiles to enhance the distinctive sound of the tandem rotors along with a fully customisable and immersive lighting system. Inside the cockpit the Chinook has accurately modelled VOR, TACAN, ADF and GPS systems along with a functioning AFCS (Automatic Flight Control System) to enable the pilot to focus on the mission at hand. The developer has also included an animated fuel truck with auto and free drive functions meaning you can take the wheel to refuel the aircraft as well as animated ground crew to help get the aircraft in the air. 


To purchase the Boeing CH-47D Chinook by X-Trident, head over to the X-Plane store where it is available for $38.95. X-Trident has setup a dedicated support and bug reporting page for anyone experiencing any teething problems too.

Feature List

  • Highly detailed 3D model with immersive light systems
  • FMOD sounds with user profiles
  • Accurate engine and systems management
  • Accurate AFCS (with support for both self-centering and non-centering joysticks)
  • Accurate 4 axis autopilot with VOR, TACAN, ADF and GPS navigation
  • External loads (with load/save and flight to options) and cargo drop
  • Compatible with Reality XP
  • Animated ground crew
  • Animated custom fuel truck (with drive and self drive modes)
  • Custom control panels
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